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Unitron: A New Name, Mission and Premium Product

Unitron has long been a premium manufacturer of quality hearing aids and recently they began a new era with a new name and new product line sure to continue the reputation of selling quality, advanced hearing aids.

A New Name

Unitron Hearing Aids

The switch in company name and a redefined mission took place April 1st, 2009 when Unitron Hearing became Unitron. In a recent interview with AudiologyOnline’s Managing Editor Dr. Carolyn Smaka, Unitron’s CEO Cameron Hay explained:

“Yes, our look changed dramatically as of April 1st when we introduced our new brand identity or brand image. Historically we’ve been known as Unitron Hearing, and now we’re Unitron which is how everyone knew us all along.

So we’ve simplified what you have to type in when you send us an email, and we’ve added a tag line, which is Connect. Connect is the mission of what we’re all about. We talk about collaborative connections with our customers, the hearing healthcare professionals, to advance our understanding of the needs of those living with hearing loss.”

“The hearing healthcare professional connecting to their clients and Unitron connecting to the clients as well through our technology. If you remember we used to have an ear beside our company name, and now it’s a different icon, one that embodies the spirit of connection. The points of the icon indicate the connection between – Unitron, hearing healthcare professionals, and clients. And this new icon, as well as the new brand identity has a sense of momentum, excitement and enthusiasm which expresses the culture that we feel at Unitron.

"So that’s our new foundation which is really exciting for us. Along with this new foundation we’re launching a great new portfolio of products. Our new premium product line is called Passport™, and we also have a new, ultra-small form factor called Shift™, which is a 10A sized CRT (Canal Receiver Technology).”

Unitron Passport
The Unitron Passport™ Product Line

Unitron’s Passport ™ - a World of Possibilities

With a clearly defined corporate mission statement to improve and simplify connectivity between people with hearing loss and the world in which they live, Unitron delivers more than just a mission statement with the introduction of its new premium product line that puts control back in to the hands of the hearing aid wear.

The aptly named, Passport™. The Passport product line offers consumers an array of innovative technologies and features to promote clearer, more engaging hearing than ever before:

  • SmartFocus™ - gives the hearing aid wearer unprecedented control over their hearing aids’ performance. The SmartFocus feature allows real-time adjustment over the combination of four parameters: microphone strategy, speech enhancement, noise reduction and overall volume.
  • Smart Control: The Passport product line utilizes an easy-access scroll wheel to make adjustments for anything from microphone directionality to volume control to best suit the wearer’s needs at that moment. The wearer can adjust the hearing for clarity and comfort depending upon the type of environment they are listening in.
  • Self Learning – the Passport hearing aid gradually learns the hearing aid wearer’s preferences in the automatic program. The hearing aid uses this information to adjust the hearing aid automatically when the hearing aid wearer encounters a similar listening situation. Simply amazing!
  • Feedback Management system – this enhanced feedback technology (we are talking about the whistling folks) allows the user to wear their Passport with ease. This enhanced system automatically engages and suppresses the feedback to ensure a comfortable listening experience without the whistle.
  • Antishock™ - this innovative technology prevents discomfort that is often caused by sudden uncomfortable sounds, such as dropping a plate.

Wireless Hearing Aid Connectivity

With its revised company mission of complete and total connectivity, Unitron’s Passport ™ hearing aids come standard with complete wireless functionality, enabling the user to hook up to the wireless grid that keeps us connected to the people, places and technologies we all love.

uDirect. Passport is completely compatible with all wireless gadgets required of today’s busy, on-the-go person. Need to keep in touch with the office by cell phone? You are good-to-go when you are wearing your uDirect, which is a neck-worn accessory that allows your Passport hearing aids to connect with any audio device wirelessly – streaming phone calls, songs, etc directly to your Passport hearing aids hands free.

DuoLink: this is the future of listening with hearing aids. No longer do your two hearing aids operate independently. With Unitron’s DuoLink, your right and left hearing aids are now synced with wireless communication – allowing them to work together. The result? Fully balanced hearing, improved listening experience, discrete and easy to use.

Choose Your Style

The Passport series of hearing aids comes in a variety of styles, from miniscule and low profile to lightweight, behind-the-ear (BTE) power and pizzazz for those who want to make a statement to the rest of the world.

Unitron Shift
The stylish Unitron Shift BTE

Known for the BTE hearing aids, Unitron does not disappoint with the Passport BTEs which are sleek, contemporary designs that enable the wearer to make manual adjustments on the fly without drawing a lot of attention.

Introduced with the Passport series is Unitron’s latest style is Shift – an ultra-small BTE hearing aid that is stylish and oh so tiny. But don’t let the size fool you – this tiny powerhouse comes loaded with all of the many advanced capabilities that the Passport series offers. And did I mention, Shift is available in more than 80 color combinations!

Time to Take Your Trip

Take a trip to your local hearing professional’s office to learn more about Unitron’s Passport Series. This is one passport that is sure to take you on an unforgettable journey.

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