Heavy Weight Champion Smokin' Joe Frazier says Oticon Dual is a Knock-out

Somerset, NJ April 20 - Joe Frazier, Olympic and former World Heavy Weight Champion, isn't about to let any thing slow him down - including hearing loss. The 65-year-old boxing icon recently upgraded his hearing solutions to Oticon Dual. The sleek, state-of-the-art hearing devices proved a good match for the busy boxing entrepreneur and charitable foundation founder, who continues to skillfully bob and weave his way through days full of community, business and social engagements.

smokin joe

Frazier is the newest in a growing list of celebrities who are up-trading to Dual, a new high tech hearing device that offers a unique synergy of high performance technology and aesthetic appeal. Designed inside and out to deliver spatial sound and wireless connectivity in a sleek, small shell, Dual solves the "beauty or brains" dilemma that has long challenged hearing care professionals, and frustrated individuals with hearing loss looking for ideal solutions. For "Smokin' Joe" Frazier, who pulls no punches, the bottom line has always been a hearing solution that delivers superior sound quality.

"When I work with the young boxing hopefuls, I need to be able to hold up my end of the conversation," states Frazier. "The noise in the gym can create problems for me. Hearing clearly in social and business situations is also important to me. Dual's excellent sound quality gives me the fighting edge I need."

Oticon Vice President of Marketing Gordon Wilson met with Frazier in his adopted hometown of Philadelphia to talk about his experiences with Dual. "True to his reputation, Mr. Frazier is a person who doesn't pull any punches," states Wilson. "As an experienced hearing device user, he had very clear requirements for his upgraded hearing device but he also wanted style and a discreet look. Dual offers him the performance he needs and the stylish, modern design he wants."

Known for his dapper appearance and personal charisma in and out of the ring, Frazier praises Dual for enabling him to zero in on the softer, high pitched voices of his female fans. "Hearing the ladies at social gatherings was a problem for me," notes Frasier. "Now I can join in the conversations without struggling to understand what is being said." Frasier plans to recommend Dual to his friends who can also use a hearing boost. "If you can't hear, you can't stay in the match," he says.

Wilson noted that "Smokin' Joe" is an excellent endorsement for Dual's ability to deliver sound quality unmatched by any other hearing device. "At age 65, Mr. Frazier is a commanding figure who clearly wouldn't be satisfied with any ‘light weight' solution," notes Wilson. "He expects a lot of himself and his hearing solutions need to measure up to the demands of his busy lifestyle."

For more information about Oticon, visit http://www.oticonusa.com.


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