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Akustica, GN ReSound Sign Joint Development Agreement

Akustica to Develop Prototype Acoustic System-on-Chip Solutions For GN Resound's Next-Generation Hearing Aids

Pittsburgh --
Akustica, Inc., the leading developer of acoustic System-on-Chip solutions, announced that it has entered into a joint development agreement with GN ReSound Group, the leading international manufacturer of advanced technology hearing instruments. The companies will collaborate in the development of prototype acoustic System-on-Chip solutions for GN ReSounds next-generation hearing aid products.

Akusticas acoustic System-on-Chip solutions AkuSound' Sound Capture Chips and Sound Reproduction Chips are based on patented MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) technology and deliver unprecedented capabilities for capturing, processing and reproducing sound. AkuSound Chips can be custom-designed in collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers and substantially improve the performance of a wide-variety of communications and electronics products, including hearing aids, mobile phones and other devices.

"GN ReSound is excited to be the first hearing-aid manufacturer to enter into a development agreement with Akustica," said Dr. Stavros Basseas, corporate chief technologist of GN ReSound. "Akusticas CMOS-MEMS transducers could go beyond cost reduction and increased reliability. We view Akusticas technology as having the potential to break from the constraints and limitations of current transducers in our pursuit of a more intelligent hearing aid."

Dr. Kaigham (Ken) J. Gabriel, chairman and chief technology officer of Akustica, said, "Akustica is pleased to have been selected by GN ReSound to develop prototype Sound Capture Chips and Sound Reproduction Chips for their next-generation hearing aids. Akustica is confident that its AkuSound Chips will become the preferred choice of GN ReSound and we look forward to building a lasting relationship."

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About GN ReSound Group --
GN ReSound Group, a subsidiary of GN Great Nordic A/S, is the leading international manufacturer of advanced technology hearing instruments. The company offers a full range of hearing instruments under the GN ReSound, ReSound, Danavox, Beltone, Philips and Viennatone brand names, including software-based digital instruments and digitally programmable and traditional products in all sizes and models.

About Akustica --
Akustica is the leading provider of acoustic System-on-Chip solutions.

Akusticas AkuSound' System-on-Chip solutions deliver unprecedented capabilities for capturing, processing and reproducing sound that improve the performance of communications and electronics products.

AkuSound' Chips use patented MEMS technology and eliminate the need for products to incorporate conventional microphones or speakers by combining the functionality of those components with microelectronics and software onto a single, standard CMOS semiconductor chip.

AkuSound' Chips help manufacturers realize commercial advantages by enabling their products with a range of advanced acoustic solutions such as directionality, noise cancellation, voice recognition and voice encryption.

Akustica can be found on the Web at www.akustica.com.

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