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A Phonak for Everyone: Complete Product Portfolio Based on the CORE Platform for Any Type of Hearing Loss and Any Lifestyle

Greatest choice of Phonak models to fit individual user needs in terms of hearing, personal preference and budget

Stäfa, Switzerland, April 1st 2009 - Based on the innovative CORE platform, Phonak presents today a complete range of hearing systems and accessories that fit any user's individual needs. The different models in the standard, advanced and premium categories ensure that every client finds the ideal hearing system regardless of type of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal taste, age or budget. "We are proud to present a complete product portfolio based on the CORE platform that makes sure that there is a Phonak for everyone," says Valentin Chapero, CEO of Phonak. "Our new products include the latest innovations for optimized hearing for each type of hearing loss and are intuitive in use. Our revolutionary SoundRecover technology is now available with almost all products for every budget."

Exélia Art - Premium performance and choice

The new premium product family raises the industry benchmark once again. Exélia Art is the solution for those clients who will only accept the best available. The innovative set of features includes SoundRecover to rediscover all the subtle sounds that complete life's rich soundscapes. Unrivalled understanding on the phone is achieved thanks to the new DuoPhone feature. Due to the unique CORE platform capabilities the phone signal can be heard simultaneously in both ears. Background noise is reduced and clarity significantly improved. ZoomControl, now with DirectTouch combines real- audio streaming with directional beamforming for a truly unique benefit - the ability to choose which direction to focus hearing. With DirectTouch users can activate the ZoomControl function directly on the hearing instrument or as previously via myPilot. Offering a choice of 15 styles, including tiny CIC, the new micro Petite, and powerful BTEs, the Exélia Art fitting range covers mild to severe hearing

Audéo YES - Brilliant design and unique features

Audéo YES is the smallest wireless hearing instrument in the market, featuring SoundRecover and other unique audiological features, including industry benchmarks for automatic functionality, feedback elimination, directional beamforming and hearing focus control. The Canal Receiver Technology offers maximum flexibility: with two external receivers the fitting range covers mild to moderately-severe hearing losses. The award-winning design in a durable housing is available in 17 fresh color combinations and at three price points.

Naída IX - First high power product in the premium segment

For the first time, there is a premium high power hearing instrument on the market. Naída IX combines the benefits of cutting-edge technology with all the features and advantages of the wireless CORE platform tuned to the special needs of people with significant hearing loss. The Naída family is the innovative offering in the power segment, designed for moderately-severe to profound hearing loss. All Naída models offer exceptional levels of audibility and clarity, an esthetically appealing design and are water-resistant. With Naída IX, the Naída family is now available at three price points.

Nios micro - full portfolio for the youngsters now available

With Nios micro BTE, Phonak completes the Junior portfolio. Nios micro is based on the CORE technology and offers unmatched audiological performance including industry benchmarks for feedback elimination, frequency compression and FM. Phonak has developed Nios micro for children with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss which make up for 50% of all children with hearing loss.

The Junior portfolio also includes Naída and Audéo YES. Naída empowers children with moderately- severe to profound hearing loss in a life-changing manner. It offers exceptional audibility and clarity. The water-resistant design guarantees dependability. Audéo YES answers the challenges of the teenage years, when self-image becomes a primary concern. With its modern design and appealing colors, Audéo YES is discreet and is geared to meet the demanding esthetic needs of teenagers.

micro Petite - New housing

The new micro Petite, the smallest BTE housing in the Phonak range, optional with size 10 and 312 battery, is available in 12 colors for Exélia Art, Versáta and Certéna models. Thanks to the inconspicuous micro tube the new micro Petite models are practically invisible.

Click'nTalk - New Digital Wireless Accessories

Phonak has developed a series of solutions tailored at the needs of hearing system wearers to allow them full access to the possibilities of the communication world. The mobile phone link Click'nTalk combines best sound quality and ease-of-use: no programming, no charging, no fitting - the device is just clicked onto a phone and is immediately operational.

The convenient and intuitive Phonak interface option iCom TV package - iCom plus a TV Bluetooth transmitter - connects the hearing instrument wirelessly to the TV via Bluetooth and automatically adapts the TV sounds to the individual hearing loss providing unlimited access to the ever-expanding world of communication such as TV, telephones, MP3, and more. Additionally a wide range of remote controls are available.

SlimTip Soft - Better sealing, retention and wearing comfort

With SlimTip Soft, Phonak introduces the first custom earpieces that are produced with digital UV soft shell material. Compared to standard hard acrylic shells, the flexible material helps minimize the pressure for sensitive ear canals and provides maximum wearing comfort, especially for long wearing periods. The innovative digital UV technology used in the manufacturing process, developed by Phonak, delivers high precision and offers easy replication of identical parts in case of remake, damage or loss. Digital 3D modelling of the earpieces allows Phonak to offer the highly acclaimed AOV (Acoustically Optimized Venting) technology for the first time to be used with micro BTE and CRT instruments. AOV technology designs the right-sized vent into each earpiece, customized to the patient's hearing profile, minimizing occlusion while providing the necessary benefit.

The innovative SlimTip Soft earpieces are available as hollow SlimTips, introduced together with the new Exélia Art products. They can also be ordered as an option with any other Phonak micro or CRT product family.

Versáta and Certéna - Life in Motion, Life in Confidence

Versáta impresses with SoundFlow Advanced, the exclusive base-blending technology that offers smooth, seamless transitions, between an infinite number of optimized, situation-specific listening programs. SoundFlow creates a unique listening program for every situation with options that are truly limitless.

Certéna is the only standard product family offering WhistleBlock Technology and SoundFlow Standard. As all Phonak CORE products it opens up a world of connectivity choices for intuitive use of phone, TV, Dynamic FM, MP3 players and more. Versáta and Cértena are available in 15 styles, ranging from tiny custom products to a choice of Behind-the-Ear instruments from micro to powerful.

About Phonak

Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak, a member of Sonova Group, has developed, produced and globally distributed state-of-the-art hearing systems and wireless devices for more than 50 years. The combination of expertise in hearing technology, mastery in acoustics and strong cooperation with hearing care professionals allows Phonak to significantly improve people's hearing ability and speech understanding and therefore their quality of life.

Phonak offers a complete range of digital hearing instruments, along with complementary wireless bommunication systems. With a worldwide presence, Phonak drives innovation and sets new industry benchmarks regarding miniaturization and performance.

For more information, please visit www.phonak-us.com.

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