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Oticon Dual Hearing Aids - Smart and Beautiful


If you know hearing aids, you know Oticon and the company's reputation for both innovation and quality. And, if you're just starting to conduct your consumer hearing aid research, file this in your memory bank: Oticon = quality. That wasn't hard.

The company, headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, recently introduced the ideal melding of beauty and smarts with the launch of Oticon's Dual. Dual was designed top-down with no compromise between attractive good looks and the convenience of automated hearing.

With Dual, the world sounds like it always has.

During an interview with AudiologyOnline.com, Oticon's President, Peer Lauritsen, had this to say about his company's blending of style and substance.

"Dual is unmatched in the desirable small design [consumer] segment. Now, people no longer have to choose between small scale ‘beauty' and big performance ‘brains' when seeking a hearing device," Lauritsen stated. "Dual offers users the performance they need and the stylish, modern design they want in a range of choices, all based on Oticon's advanced ultra fast RISE platform that delivers more bandwidth, significantly higher levels of processing power and wireless connectivity."

Brawn: Let's Look Under the Hood

Okay, first let's look at bandwidth - the range of sound delivered by Dual. This hearing aid delivers 10kHZ of bandwidth - more than 20% higher than similarly priced models.

Next, consider Dual's binaural synchronization. Each unit in each ear synchs up to deliver acoustic cues required to localize sound (where did that sound come from) and to distinguish subtle sounds within noisy environments. More?

Binaural hearing is the key, according to Oticon's chief. "The resulting spatial awareness enables users to easily prioritize and ‘zoom in' on a particular signal of interest - even when competing sound is louder than that signal. This greatly enhances everyday listening by making it easier and faster for Dual users to orientate themselves, especially in challenging acoustic environments," Peer Lauritsen explained during his interview with AudiologyOnline.com.

The Dual Connect Series, available with the optional Streamer outboard unit, allows for complete wireless connectivity, whether talking cellular, listening to an MP3 player to picking up data via a wireless PDA. With Oticon's cutting edge Streamer, you're always plugged in.

Strong, robust, feature-packed and all-natural, two-eared hearing.

The Oticon Dual Family

The Dual Family offers models which fit right in at three different price points - one sure to fit your budget. Discuss the differences and features with your hearing care professional to determine which product in the Dual family is right for you.

Discover beautiful hearing.

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