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Form Before Function? Get Both with Today's Hearing Aids

The debate among designers - especially industrial designer, who design everything from cars to hearing aids - has always centered on the question of form versus function.

Form is the look of the object, gizmo or widget. Function is, not only what the widget does, but how well (and how long) it does it. And the goal of these nuts-and-bolts artists is to strike a balance between style and substance or form and function.

So, what's more important?

What is Industrial Design?

Covers everything from product packaging to logo design to usability and durability.

Industrial designers deal with a long list of requirements before they sit down to the drawing board to design the new Masarati Testarosa. This isn't something you drive once and toss - not at prices starting at $160,000 for these hand-crafted speed machines and babe magnets.

Hearing aids are no different - you sure don't purchase and wear them once. You wear them for years and years.

Stylish Hearing Aids with Substance?

Why not?

The Zon hearing aid from Starkey strikes the perfect balance between form and function, style and substance. The design is modern, sleek and discreet, but this hearing aid's functionality - its utility and results for the wearer - are just as critical as eye appeal.

 So how stylish is this hearing aid? The Zon hearing aid has won five design awards thus far for its innovative and crowd pleasing design.

 Consumers are looking for stylish hearing aids and the design awards see just that in the Starkey Zon.

Now Function

What good does style do if there is no function? This is particularly important with hearing aids (as well as any digital electronic device).

Hearing well is just as stylish as the hearing aid itself and the Starkey Zon's standard features allow jus this:

  • Optimized by BluWaveTM Signal Processing - improving clarity, greater directionality, and better speech audibility in a variety of environments.
  • Active feedback intercept - allowing more high frequency gain without the whistle
  • Automatic telephone response
  • Reliable and totally rugged for today's active lifestyles.

So, not only do you get stylish good looks with many of today's best hearing aids, you get those design and engineering goodies that might not be tops on your list of hearing aid priorities.

 Starkey's Zon  is one of many leading edge hearing aids that deliver both form and function, to produce a natural, comfortable and satisfying hearing experience regardless of your preferences and needs.

 You can get cool and make a statement with hearing aids that are designed for performance, for beauty and for style.

And, you can hear all about it.

 Like what you're reading?  Visit HealthyHearing for a full featured article on Award Winning Hearing Aids: Form and Function Matter Today.

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