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be by ReSound Delivers Something Different

History shows that technology - any technology from locomotives to hearing aids (yes, hearing aids) - chugs along at a fairly steady pace. And then, something or someone comes along and turns the technological world on its ear (pun intended).

This kind of change has occurred within the hearing aid industry and one rewcent example is the introduction of ReSound's beTM - a hearing aid that's the end all to be all.

be by ReSound

ReSound is a long-established designer of cutting-edge hearing aids designed to deliver the most natural hearing experience you can get. Recently ReSound introduced their latest product, be, which is totally hi-tech and it's hot. (That's right; a hearing aid can be hot.)

be Different

The be by ReSound is ergonomically different than other products on the market and is designed to eliminate ear fatigue. It's extremely lightweight, comfortable and, in fact, it's a safe bet that you'll actually forget you're wearing hearing aids - even after an evening of dinner and dancing or a bucket of chicken and a movie rental. The be stays comfortable so you don't have to fidget all day.

be Automated

Expect nothing but the best from be. Automated feedback suppression to reduce whistling, Environmental Optimizer to optimize settings for various listening environments and automated Noise Tracker II noise reduction to automatically reduce background noise so you can hear the speech of your companions rather than the din.

ReSound's be also contains a data logger that tracks your hearing environments and preferences so the device can be more finely tuned to your common, everyday environments and how you like to hear them.

For the new hearing aid wearer the be features an Acceptance Manager, which gradually increases sounds levels according to each wearer's unique needs over a period of time. This feature is instrumental in improving wearer satisfaction following the initial hearing aid fitting.

There's more to this space age hearing module:

  • Coyote 3.1 chip technology to extend battery life (hooray!)
  • Smart Start that eases you into your day
  • Low battery indicator
  • Size 10A battery (readily available)
  • Customized housings
  • Easy-to-adjust mic
  • Easily changeable microphone and wax filters

You won't see it but you'll hear it. And love it.

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