Unitron 360: Power Uncompromised


Unitron has a long standing reputation for being the workhorse for those with severe to profound hearing loss for many years. The companys well known for their lightweight, compact packages that fit snuggly behind the ear (BTE), providing the juice for the boost these consumers require.

For those who experience a severe degree of hearing loss, the answer is power and lots of it to reach optimum levels of audibility and sound awareness. Unfortunately, many high-powered units are heavy and unattractive, causing wearing discomfort throughout the day. With the advancements in digital technology, high-powered hearing aids have often been left behind in implementing advanced features up until now.

Meet Unitron's 360, which delivers all the power you need for a severe to profound hearing loss. It comes standard with a powerful peak output of 141 dB SPL and a peak gain (power boost) of 82 dB SPL. You dont have to know the numbers as long as you know that this hearing machine has the power of a Cobra GT 500. Oomph like youve never heard before and not to mention it is packed full of features specifically designed for persons with severe to profound hearing loss.

Top End Feedback Suppression from Unitron 360

Often hearing aids designed for those with severe to profound hearing loss come with something else severe and profound - feedback, which is the whistling that can occur when using a phone or when any sort of object comes in close proximity to the hearing aid's microphone.

Feedback has often left power hearing aid users isolated and embarrassed. Today technology has answers that weren't available even a few years ago.

The Unitron Hearing 360 employs the latest in phase canceling feedback suppression technology. What does this mean to the wearer?

Well, obviously the comfort of knowing your hearing aid won't start whistling out of no where, but more importantly the 360 provides more useable gain. The benefit of more usable gain is you can turn the device up louder without the worry and headache of feedback at higher listening volumes.

Power Uncompromised

Designed for this specific segment of the population, Unitron Hearing's 360 is feature packed to meet the needs and preferences of those who experience severe to profound hearing loss. According to Sarah Cerney, Au.D., product manager for Unitron Hearing U.S. in an interview with AudiologyOnline, when developing this product Unitron Hearing took a close look at some of the adaptive features and algorithms that persons with severe to profound hearing loss may benefit from.

Cerney went on to explain the advanced features in the 360, which have existed in the marketplace for persons with milder degrees of hearing for quite some time, have been optimized and tailored specifically for users with severe to profound loss.

The 360 features an advanced technology called Speech Enhancement SP. This technology delivers loudness compensation, providing the highest levels of speech, what you want to hear, while toning down background and ambient noise. Iindoors or out hiking the trails, you're covered. Speech Enhancement SP also ensures speech at all levels is audible to the user by utilizing level dependency. Cerney explains this is crucial to users because average speech can be more difficult to hear for someone with a severe to profound loss than it is for people with milder degrees of loss.

Finally, the Unitron Hearing 360 is adaptable to a variety of hearing losses with numerous customizable features to enable you to enjoy the things you do without compromise.

Want to know how Unitron makes your life a lot less of a hassle?

In addition to feedback suppression and Speech Enhancement SP, check out the rest of 360's goodie list:

  • AutoPro2 uses a directional mic to transition between an omnidirectional and directional microphone strategy, seamlessly. This is important while listening to speech in background noise and with AutoPro2, you won't even notice the transition. Its all done by computer.
  • AntiShock filters out sudden, concussive noises like a breaking plate that would normally send other hearing aid wearers through the roof. Smooth comfort without the JOLT.
  • Bass boost for those consumers who need extra low frequency output to improve loudness perception.
  • Automated noise control conveniently reduces background noise where ever you are. This compact device detects constant sounds, like the wind, and filters this noise down to normal levels. You hear the voice not the noise.
  • Finally, the Unitron 360 comes with an optional remote that tucks into a pocket so you can make manual adjustments on the fly without drawing a lot of attention to yourself. Too piercing? Reach for your discrete remote and turn it down a notch. Thats better.
  • Available at two price points: 360+ and 360e, meeting everyones needs and budgets

Unitron Hearing 360 Has Guts

You would think that a hearing aid with all of this high-tech, digital circuitry would require kid-glove-care. Not so. This is not a hearing aid that needs coddling. Get to work or play.

Enviro-Tough technology, proven in the lab and in the field, provides years of use and abuse. The lab folks at Unitron Hearing ran the 360 through conditions of ultra humidity, sweat, dust and the debris that collects in the ear as the result of any active lifestyle. You're not ready for that rocking chair yet. Thats why the 360 is built like a tank and made for heavy-duty activities and for users who often rely on their hearing aids 24/7.

You can work hard all day. No problem. The 360 is lab tested to stand up to the toughest conditions. Want proof? Check out Unitron Hearing's 360 on YouTube and see the 360 in action while jogging and biking.

Then call your hearing care professional to learn more and if you may be a candidate to give your life a 360 turn around.

The Unitron Hearing 360. Power Uncompromised.

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