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Hearing Aid Manufacturer ReSound Introduces X-plore

There’s been a fundamental change within the hearing technology sector, moving away from beige and blah to hearing systems loaded with automated conveniences, good looks and natural, unprocessed sound

Resound’s X-plore leads the way in hearing aids that adapt to you and your lifestyle rather than the other way around. Manufacturers, like ReSound, know what today’s hearing aid wearers want and they’ve packed a lot of punch into a small package. Low-profile, but not low-tech.

ReSound X-plore

Resound’s X-plore delivers the option of open-ear technology – tech that delivers a more natural sound. This “open fit” facilitates natural hearing to the extent possible, with the X-plore providing a little boost on an “as needed” basis.

Other notable features? Well, today’s hearing aid consumer leads an active, full life. These men and women are working, starting businesses or sailing around the world. These “activists” won’t settle for a namby-pamby-kid-gloves device. That’s why X-plore comes standard with durability built in.

This does a couple of things for the consumer. First, you continue your triathlon training. Second, X-plore wearers don’t have to cuddle their hearing aids. These units are built to take what life dishes out.


ReSound X-plore Hearing Comfort

Natural, organic and unobtrusive. That’s what all hearing aid users want in a sound delivery system and X-plore scores on all counts. The unit’s microphones automatically home in on the speech while dropping the din of a loud restaurant. That’s not utility, it’s convenient utility because all adjustments are handled by the X-plore seamlessly.

ReSound’s Dual Stabilizer™ feedback suppression technology eliminates annoying, ear-splitting feedback, and outdoors noises – a gusting wind – sounds like a tornado when amped up, but ReSound has solved the problem with its “thinking” X-plore that recognizes wind using the company’s Active Wind Stop™ technology, so outdoors sounds like outdoors again. Just like it used to.


Transitioning to X-plore

Hearing healthcare professionals know that there’s a period of adjustment required before new hearing aid wearers accept their devices and sound quality as “natural.”

Resound’s X-plore makes the transition easier through the use of its Acceptance Manager™, a virtual sound coach that gradually and comfortably increases sound levels over time, delivering a shorter and more successful transition period.

This industrial strength device is loaded with features to counteract humidity, grit and grim and routine abuse delivered by any active adult. Go ahead. Push yourself to the limits.

Come on. It’s time to X-plore.


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