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Unitron Hearing Introduces 360'

A super power hearing instrument with advanced features tailored for severe to profound hearing loss

October 15, 2008 Plymouth, Minnesota Unitron Hearing announced today the introduction of 360', an advanced digital hearing solution specially tailored for people with severe to profound hearing loss. 360 is the first super power hearing solution purposely built to allow clients to achieve all the power they need without compromising on advanced features, sound quality or everyday reliability.

360 will address the advanced through essential categories with two distinct offerings, 360+ and 360e. 360+ offers a full complement of advanced innovations designed to deliver high performance even in the most challenging listening environments, while 360e provides solid, reliable performance.

More Usable Power without Feedback

360 delivers enough power to fit hearing losses up to 120 dB, offering an impressive peak output of 141 dB SPL and peak gain of 82 dB SPL (2cc). The feedback management system rapidly detects and suppresses multiple feedback peaks, providing clients with optimal amplification and pure, comfortable listening.

Advanced Features Tailored for Severe to Profound Loss

Leveraging technologies proven highly effective for other degrees of hearing loss, 360 offers an array of advanced features customized for severe to profound hearing loss.

360+ features Speech Enhancement SP, an adaptive technology that is designed to detect and apply up to 8 dB of amplification for speech precisely when its needed. Integrated technologies improve speech clarity and ease of listening by separating speech from environmental noise. Further benefits are achieved by applying enhancement over a wider range of input levels and providing choice between broadband and narrowband enhancement.

Additional tailored features include automatic program switching for two distinct environments (autoPro2), antiShock', bass enhancer, and noise reduction.

Built for Real-Life

360 is built Enviro-Tough', to deliver reliability and durability for even the most demanding needs of severe to profound users of all ages. Put through rigorous laboratory testing, 360 demonstrated continuous performance after being exposed to simulated perspiration plus harsh environments with high levels of humidity, heat, dust and debris. Testing also proved that 360 is durable enough to endure long- term, repetitive use of controls and impact on hard surfaces.

We are excited to introduce 360 commented Brian Kinnerk, President of Unitron Hearing US. The long-awaited super power 675 BTEs 360+ and 360e offer our customers a choice of technology levels to meet the lifestyle and budget needs of every client. 360 rounds out Unitron Hearings exceptional product line, making Unitron Hearing an easy choice for hearing healthcare professionals. Now, Unitron Hearing truly offers a total solution for hearing healthcare professionals with outstanding value and no compromise on features or technology.

There are also a variety of optional solutions with 360 to ease the everyday use of a hearing instrument; including Smart Control, a remote control device for easy and discreet adjustments to various settings.

360 will be available on a limited basis at the end of October, with full market availability beginning November 3, 2008.

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