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Sonic Innovations Brings Wireless Connectivity to Velocity Hearing Aids

In the past, hearing aid users were somewhat limited in what they could do living in the Digital Age. Listening to a cell phone using a hearing aid could be a real adventure. In fact, the whole plugged-in world was off limits to a lot of hearing aid wearers because of the inherent problems of two electronic devices in close proximity (think Jimi Hendrix, his guitar and amp. Feedback). Very cool in the olden days; not so cool when youre trying to call the office and it sounds like Purple Haze.

Recently this year many states across the U.S., such as California, have implemented hands free laws for cell phone usage while driving. For hearing aid wearers this can pose serious issues. They cant wear an ear piece because they have a hearing aid in and if they put their cell phone on speaker phone, it may be quite difficult to hear amongst the road noise. 

Sonic Innovations Introduces sonicBlu

Sonic Innovations is a leading edge producer of quality digital hearing aids. Now, theyve connected the companys Velocity hearing aid product line with Blutooth wireless technology, the industry and commercial standard in wireless communications, to create hearing aids that are perfectly at home on the digital beam regardless of where that beam is coming from or where its going.

Now Velocity wearers can hear that digital signal seamlessly through the Velocity hearing aids by using sonicBlu Sonics latest solution to allow their hearing aid wearers to stay connected. This is the hearing device for people who are plugged into the gird and on the go morning, noon and night.

"By introducing sonicBlu, Sonic Innovations is taking yet another step in continually updating and upgrading our products to match the active lifestyles of our customers. We are confident that sonicBlu will become one of our best-selling accessory products," said Sonic Innovations Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Westover.

Get Connected

With a push of a button into the telecoil program, Velocity hearing aid wearers are wirelessly connected by the sonicBlu to their cell phone, audio players, TV, computeryou name it.

Here is how it works. The sonicBlu will connect wirelessly to any Blutooth enabled device. The audio signal from that device is then streamed directly (and wirelessly) from sonicBlu to the Velocity hearing aids. Example. Your cell phone rings. You pick up the call and with a push of a button on the hearing aid, the cell phone call is being streamed directly into the hearing aids. The benefit? Direct amplification. Wirelessly. No interfering background noise. Good conversations.
The sonicBlu also can be hard wired into any non-Blutooth device for wireless connection to the hearing aids (i.e. an iPod).

Having issues hearing the TV with the family bouncing around? sonicBlu allows the audio from your TV to be directly amplified to your hearing aids. Connection does require an extra device for your TV to connect with the sonicBlu, but once configured the audio from your TV will be amplified by your hearing aids. No background noise, no distance issues, no nonsense.

The Blu Specs

The sonicBlu device has talk time of up to four hours and a stand-by time of up to 70 hours. In addition, it has an operating range of up to 10 meters and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (with a charging time of 1.5 to two hours) allowing flexibility for busy lifestyles and on the go wearers. Worried about a bulky device to carry with you? Not so with the sonicBlu weighing in at 10 grams and measuring 42 millimeters long by 24 millimeters wide by 12 millimeters thick.

Sonic Innovations Automated Simplicity: The Velocity

Some regular readers may recall the article that appeared on Healthy Hearing earlier this year on Sonic Innovations Velocity. Originally launched in April 2008, the Velocity series was recently enhanced with new features and models in order to fit every lifestyle and budget.

With sonicBlu, Sonic Innovations has added a new dimension to the hearing experience in the modern world with Sonic Innovations Velocity hearing aids. The Velocity series now offers solutions for any lifestyle and budget in three different models: Velocity 24, Velocity 12 and Velocity 4.

The Velocity 24 is the most sophisticated of the three models and is designed for persons who lead an active lifestyle and who often find themselves in challenging listening situation.

The Velocity 12 is the advanced model in the series and is designed for persons who may find themselves in troubling background noise. And lastly Velocity 4 is designed for persons who find themselves in less demanding listening situations and who are seeking the most basic models.

Some of the advanced features you may benefit from depending upon which model you select are:

Automatic and Adaptive Directional Microphones
Velocity offers several directional technologies to assist in improving speech understanding in noise. Velocity 24 and Velocity 12 deliver more advanced hands-free directional settings for the most demanding listening situations.

Automatic Feedback Cancellation
Sonic Innovations employs an adaptive feedback canceller and a situational feedback control, so regardless of the source of feedback, the Velocity handles the problem so you dont have to.

Data Logging: Sonic Innovations Velocity Learns What You Like
Data logging records your listening and hearing activity over time. This data can then be used by your audiologist or hearing health professional to fine tune the device to the specific needs of the wearer.

Voice Alerts
Voice alerts telling you that the battery is running low and that you have an appointment with your hearing pro next Tuesday are nice little features found in the Velocity 24. You know how frustrating it can be to run out of battery power with no spare within 100 miles. Its going to be a quiet ride.

Velocity warns when juice is running low so you can swap out the old power plant with a fresh new one. And an automated alert to tell you when to see your hearing professional? Makes life that much simpler.

In the digital age and the increase demand to stay connected, the Velocity and sonicBlu are there - waiting to connect you to the world buzzing around you.

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