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Good Vibrations! Siemens Vibe in the News

Maybe its because of the cool factor of wearing a hip hearing device that can be changed to match your personal style. Or perhaps it is the young, sexy campaign that Siemens has created. Whatever the reason, Vibe is turning heads and drawing the publics attention toward todays new solutions for hearing loss.

Baby Boomers are now experiencing hearing loss related to advancing age, as well as a lifetime of recreational noise exposure. So why are they historically reluctant to adopt hearing technology? MarkeTrak VII indicates that stigma and attitudes about hearing aids are among the top obstacles to hearing aid use.1 Devices like Vibe esigned specifically for a young, more active population re changing all that.

Overall, Boomers are savvy, health-conscious, and attracted to products and services designed for them, not for the older senior demographic. Enter Vibe. Vibe represents the epitome of advanced digital signal processing. It is the first hearing device to fit in the crest of the ear, leaving the canal open for greater comfort and a natural look. Quick and easy to fit, Vibe features snap-on covers in colors and designs with fun names like Flirt, Cheeky, Glam, and Wired. As part of its campaign, Vibe urges wearers to show their confidence, shake up the status quo, and live out loud.

And people are listening. Vibe has been featured in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, London Free Press, and various other media outlets around the globe, including the Jumbotron above Manhattans Times Square. Over seven million impressions have been generated for Vibe in the short time since its introduction at the 2008 AudiologyNow! Conference in April. In its coverage, the media has referred to Vibe as a fashion statement, sexy, and glitzy terms more commonly associated with designer fashions and accessories.

Vibe is part of a movement at Siemens to focus on the people wearing hearing devices. Traditional industry marketing has focused more on ears and the inner workings of the technology, while Siemens innovative wearer-centric approach highlights the individuality of each potential wearer. This modern and personal approach by Siemens has resonated with the intended audiences as well as the public in general, evidenced by Vibes extensive coverage in the mainstream media. In addition to creating interest and buzz around Siemens Vibe, it is also sending a much needed message about hearing care and todays hearing solutions.

1Kochkin, Sergei. MarkeTrak VII: Obstacles to adult non-users of hearing aids. The Hearing Journal. April 2007. Retrieved June 26, 2008. 

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