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Phonak Junior: Great Solutions for Little Ears

Our Commitment

Phonak has been committed to providing high-tech solutions for children with hearing loss for over 35 years. We understand the many challenges involved in working with children with hearing loss and finding the ideal hearing solution for each child. This rewarding and enormously satisfying mission is something we wholeheartedly share with professionals, children, parents and caregivers.

Dedicated solutions for children

Phonak provides a wide range of innovative solutions to satisfy the special needs of children with hearing loss and the dedicated professionals working with them. The following solutions will be covered in detail over the following sections:

  1. Nada Junior: Only the best for little ears
  2. Junior Mode software: A dedicated pediatric fitting approach
  3. inspiro with Dynamic FM: The new global standard in FM
  4. New tamper-proof battery solution for eXtra, Eleva and Una
  5. New transparent housing available for all standard BTE models
  6. Support for professionals: Pediatric events

1. Nada Junior: Only the best for little ears

Nada Junior is the first tailor-made hearing solution dedicated to the unique needs of children. The Junior models are packed with innovative technology. They provide full access to speech and language from day one and enable children to reach their full potential. With their unrivaled robustness and functionality, they can withstand the physical challenges of childhood.

Thought through to the last detail

Available in a size 13 and 675 battery housing, the Nada Junior models are ideally suited to meet the needs of children with moderately-severe to profound hearing loss. Ready right out of the box, Nada Junior models provide pediatric fitters with the hardware configuration needed for pediatric fittings:

  • WaterResistance offers dependability no matter what.
  • The mini hook ensures a comfortable and secure fit behind small ears.
  • The unique and effective approach to tamperproofing locks the battery securely in place, while allowing the hearing instrument to be turned on and off without a tool.
  • The flexible Volume Control Lock option means parents or caregivers can easily change the volume while the child cannot.
  • Child friendly colors are complemented by new animal patterns and a totally transparent housing so children can see the electronics of their hearing instruments.
  • iView status viewer provides clear information at the touch of a button, giving professionals and parents the long awaited reassurance they have been asking for. Battery life, volume level and current program can be easily monitored on a color LCD display.
  • CableFree Fitting means that Nada can be fit comfortably and securely even to very young or fidgety children.
  • iCom wireless connectivity allows easy access to computers, MP3 players, computer games, mobiles and telephones. The full connectivity options of Nada ensure that no child is left behind.

The ideal package of features for children:

  • SoundRecover- A breakthrough for speech and language development
    SoundRecover for children minimizes delays in speech and language development by providing a greater usable bandwidth of speech sounds, beyond what is available with conventional amplification. SoundRecover, non-linear frequency compression, has the potential to revolutionize the habilitation of children with hearing loss.

    The non-linear frequency compression algorithm from Phonak is the biggest breakthrough in pediatric amplification in more than a decade!
    Richard Seewald, 2007
    Available for all Nada models, SoundRecover for children has been specially developed in collaboration with Prof. Susan Scollie and her team at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) to enable fitting with DSL v5. SoundRecover verification protocols and support materials, developed in conjuction with UWO, are available to download on www.Naida.phonak.com
  • WhistleBlock Technology- Rising to the challenge of managing feedback in small ears
    Feedback is often a part of fitting high gain amplification to children. Unless feedback is eliminated, it is not possible to provide sufficient gain, therefore significantly impacting audibility. In daily use, WhistleBlock Technology ensures optimal amplification and removes annoying feedback.
  • inspiro with Dynamic FM- Inspired by childrens needs
    Dynamic FM is the breakthrough in FM technology that has revolutionized solutions for children. Nada is the first hearing instrument to fully profit from this innovation by offering the new inspiro transmitter with a choice of two Nada receivers (integrated and universal). Nada with the design integrated receiver is the worlds first WaterResistant communication system. Nada provides easy access to all new FM advantages with functionalities such as EasyFM and FM + M as a start-up program.

2. Junior Mode software: A dedicated pediatric fitting approach

Completing the pediatric portfolio, a new and dedicated software fitting mode offers a one-click pediatric configuration. Depending on the age of the child, a pediatric fitting can require a different work flow and hearing instrument configuration.

The Junior fitting mode was developed based on inputs from the international pediatric community and the Phonak Pediatric Advisory Board. The Junior fitting mode is available for all Phonak hearing instruments programmable via the iPFG software (version 2.0 and higher). These are the highlights:

  • Evidence-based software defaults for 0-4 and 5-8 years to cater for the different needs of children as they grow
  • FM+M as the start-up program, for easy access to FM solutions
  • Printable, tailored materials for parents, caregivers and teachers
  • Customizable defaults

3. inspiro with Dynamic FM: The new global standard in FM

The Dynamic FM platform is an altogether new FM technology, based on a new chip, new algorithms, new software and new mechanics. The first product based on Dynamic FM is a new transmitter for schools: inspiro. Its launch is accompanied by two new receivers: the universal MLxi and the design-integrated, water resistant ML10i and ML11i for Nada.


Set to replace Phonaks successful multi-frequency FM systems, Dynamic FM offers full backwards compatibility and comes with a wealth of impressive new features that offer unprecedented benefits for users:

  • Dynamic Speech Extractor
    In traditional FM systems the FM Advantage is at a fixed level, usually +10 dB. The FM Advantage for Dynamic FM systems is dependant on the ambient noise level: the Dynamic Speech Extractor increases the FM gain when the environmental noise level increases. This improves speech understanding by over 50% in loud noise, compared to traditional FM systems.
  • AutoConnect
    A feature of the new universal MLxi receiver, AutoConnect measures automatically the audio input impedance of the hearing instrument and sets its output level accordingly. This ensures that FM levels are always right on target, and that programming and verification needs are significantly reduced.
  • MultiTalker Network
    Replacing TeamTeaching, MultiTalker Network allows more than one teacher to address a classroom. No special devices are required and no frequency planning. During usage the network runs automatically, so that teachers can focus on teaching, instead of checking their equipment.
  • DataLogging FM
    inspiro logs data giving audiologists an insight into FM usage. Valuable information can be tracked, including transmitter or audio input usage, transmitter errors and levels of ambient noise in the classroom.

4. New tamper-proof battery solution for eXtra, Eleva and Una!

The new and improved battery lock offers a great solution to counteract small inquisitive hands. Combining child safety together with practicality, the new battery lock allows the hearing instrument to be turned on and off, while ensuring that the battery stays in place. For the caregivers, battery changing is convenient and easy and no special tool is required. The new tamperproof battery lock is available for the FM battery compartment as well.

5. New transparent housing available for all standard BTE models

Totally transparent housing is now available so that children can see the electronics of their hearing instruments.

6. Support for professionals: Pediatric Events

NHS 2008 Phonak Satellite Event
Como/Italy, June 19, 2008, 6-8pm

Latest developments in high frequency hearing and amplification for children

Chaired by Professor Richard Seewald (Canada), and with presentations from Patricia Stelmachowicz (USA), Kevin Munro (UK), Andrea Bohnert (Germany) and Marlene Bagatto (Canada), this session is sure to stimulate lively discussions and facilitate improvements in clinical practice. For more information and to register visit www.phonak.com/conference

Phonak European Pediatric Amplification Conference, Brighton/UK
November 24-25, 2008

Building on the huge success of the previous two conferences, Prof. John Bamford and the Phonak Pediatric Advisory Board have put together an inspiring program, examining the challenges and solutions for improving outcomes for children with hearing loss. For more information and to register visit: www.phonak.com/conference

To obtain the most up to date Phonak news, register now for eNews on: www.Nada.phonak.com

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