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Starkey Laboratories, located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is known for the quality of its hearing devices and its innovative, cutting edge technology. The company recently released its latest in hearing tech BluWave Signal processing. Starkey, already best-in-class, moves ahead with technology that works efficiently, independently or as part of a larger system. Check out the Starkey Zon and bring back the noise, bring back the funk.

Starkey Laboratories Introduces Tomorrow Today with Zon

Theres a full range of hearing aids some discreet, some flashy, some that fit behind the ear, others that fit in the ear canal, invisible to all. Starkey Labs is a quality manufacturer with a strong emphasis on innovative technology. Check out these Zon specs.

The Zon from Starkey Labs

  • Starkeys Best-In-Class receiver-in-canal (RIC) device (an open fitting behind-the-ear instrument)
  • Wide fitting range to accommodate a wide range of hearing losses
  • Most stable high-frequency gain (volume) in any RIC hearing solution, which means less whisteling
  • Starkeys proprietary Directional Speech Detector
  • Reliable and totally rugged for todays active lifestyles its waterproof.

And theres a lot more where that came from.

Todays hearing aids deliver what consumers want better hearing, fewer hassles. Starkey Labs, along with other manufacturers of hearing aids, are gearing up for the Boomers who are marching into retirement with high expectations and an insistence on a high quality of life.

Starkeys Zon is powerful, fully customizable and can be used by patients who experience mild to moderate hearing loss. Starkey Labs has studied the outer ear as well obtained valuable feedback from actual hearing aid wearers to create the ergonomically optimized Zon for wearing comfort all day and into the night. Just plug yourself in, let the Zon do the rest.

Lots of color choices, too with the Zon. Starkey took the design of this product seriously and sought the advice of the cosmetic industry to produce a sophisticated palette of colors to blend with any skin tone or hair color, making the Zon even more inconspicuous.

A Triumph of Art and Science

Thats how Jerry Ruzicka, president of Starkey, describes the Zon. An appropriate description, even if it is somewhat biased.

Not only is the product beautiful, it is packed with smarts too. A few examples? Well, only Starkeys Zon provides AFI Active Feedback Intercept, one of the hearing aid industrys leader in hearing aid feedback suppression. No more removing the hearing aid due to it whistling. Thats cool, but theres more good stuff crammed into that little Zon package.

Starkeys Directional Speech Detector is an automatic system optimized with BluWave Signal processing. This circuitry is probably smarter than some of your neighbors. It enables Zon wearers to hear the speech they want to hear while reducing the dull din of a noisy diner or the wind on the back nine. With Directional Speech Detection, Zon zones in on the person to whom youre speaking. No adjustment required.

Easy Fit for the Easy Life

A fitting doesnt take long. And that period of adjustment (yes, there is one) is shortened through the use of Starkeys Integrated Real Ear Measurement (IREM) which enables the fastest fitting west of the Pecos. East, too probably.

When Starkey introduced IREM, audiologists held parades. (Okay, they didnt) But there was a lot of excitement. Ear pros glowed over reported improved fitting accuracy and, FYI, Zon is the only model in its class to offer IREM fitting. So what is IREM fitting? It is the ability of the hearing aid professional to run a test while the hearing aid is sitting in your ear. It provides an accurate real ear picture of what is occurring to the amplified sound once it has entered your ear canal. The benefit of this to the professional is a more accurate fit. The benefit to the hearing aid wearer is more natural sound and definitely more smiles.

Here is what we want in a hearing aid:

  • Easy fitting and adjustments
  • Wearing comfort for 18 hours a day
  • Hearing that is organic and natural
  • Discretion or flash its our choice
  • Automated feedback suppression
  • Control over background noise
  • Automated, Thinking machine adjustments
  • Durability and reliability even under harsh conditions did I mention Zon is 100% waterproof?

Comfort, convenience, natural sound, no ear wear and tear and the durability to withstand harsh conditions, even if youre just shoveling snow in Minnesota thats what Boomer consumers (Boomsumers?) want.

And thats what they get with the Starkey Zon.

Zon in, turn on and hear what youve been missing.

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