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New Amigo Star FM Receiver Helps Students with Listening and Concentration Difficulties Get the Most Out of Learning Situations

Discreet FM Receiver’s Easy Handling, Reliability and Comfort Enable Audiologists to Meet Both Student and Teacher Needs

SOMERSET, NJ February 5 – A new, child-friendly FM receiver from Oticon Pediatrics aims to help audiologists in school settings simplify some of the complexity of everyday listening and learning for both students with listening and concentration difficulties and their teachers. Comfortable, easy-to-use and reliable, the Amigo Star FM receiver helps children with listening difficulties get the most out of learning situations so they can achieve their full potential.  The child-worn receiver features a built-in volume control with programmable lock, an LED visual status indicator and a channel seek button for easy synchronization. A microphone and transmitter worn by the teacher ensure that classroom instructions come through clearly no matter where the teacher moves in the classroom and despite challenging background noise.

New Amigo Star is a plug-and-play FM solution that helps students overcome distracting background noise so they can concentrate their resources on listening and learning. Cooly stylish and discreet, Amigo Star provides an increased signal-to-noise level to improve speech intelligibility for language development and learning. Amigo Star is designed to be used with the Oticon Amigo T5 or T30/T31 FM transmitters. The new Amigo Star FM receiver can also receive FM input from virtually any 216 MHz transmitter, making it an excellent choice for schools with an FM program already in place.

“In selecting FM systems for the classroom, audiologists must take both the needs of the student and the teacher into consideration,” says Maureen Doty Tomasula, AuD, Senior Product & Marketing Manager, Pediatrics. “Amigo Star’s intuitive, user-friendly functionality balances the teacher’s needs while empowering students to participate in an interactive learning environment.  Unlike some overly complex FM devices, Amigo Star is quick to set-up and enables teachers to instantly see that the system is on and the FM signal is being received.”

New Classroom Star
Amigo Star’s state-of-the-art FM receiver features a customizable fit to suit each child’s ear shape and canal size with Corda2 thin tubes and domes that are easy and inexpensive to replace. A push of the channel seek button allows easy channel synchronization with the transmitter. The robust design, excellent wax protection, lockable volume control wheel, tamper-proof battery door option, and simple cleaning ensure easy-to-handle, reliable everyday use.
Optimized Wearing Time
Much of the challenge of getting young children and teens with listening and concentration challenges to listen in the classroom is finding an FM device they will tolerate wearing. Issues such as discomfort and self-consciousness are factors that often prevent students from using their FM receivers throughout the school day. “Amigo Star is extremely discreet and can be customized to fit each child’s ear snugly and comfortably,” says Doty Tomasula. “And because Amigo Star lets students access the sounds they need to hear clearly, it helps to make listening and concentration easier and optimizes wearing time.”

A+ in Classroom Performance
Amigo Star stands up to the wear and tear of classroom use to lower downtime for both teacher and student. The robust FM receiver is water resistant with IP57 certification and withstands repeated accidental drops. 

“The new Amigo Star FM receiver provides the comfort, easy handling and reliability that allows students to focus their energies on what matters most during the school day -- learning!” adds Doty Tomasula.

For more information about Oticon Pediatrics Amigo Star, visit www.oticonusa.com/amigo

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