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Sound Beginnings - Offering Hope to Children with Hearing Loss


Approximately one in six per 1,000 newborns screened in the United States have congenital hearing loss and could benefit from early intervention. However, only 11 states currently provide financial assistance for children's hearing aids, leaving a large portion of the hearing impaired children without treatment. In fact, according to Better Hearing Institute, an estimated 1.4 million young people in the United States have hearing loss, but only 12 percent wear hearing aids.

Far too many families can't afford the cost of a hearing device for their children, exposing the youngsters to a wide range of learning, emotional and social problems.

Sound Beginnings, a partnership between Quota International service clubs and Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc. is making it possible for hearing impaired children from financially-strapped families to receive hearing aids.

In 2008, Siemens donated and Quota clubs distributed 100 vouchers for free hearing instruments to 52 children. This year, the effort will continue with 50 Siemens Explorer 500 P and 50 CIELO 2 hearing instruments given out to qualifying youngsters up to the age of 17.

To learn more about the Sound Beginnings program and how it is impacting children across the United States, visit: A Partnership Offers Hope, Help to Children with Hearing Impairment.

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