New Oticon mini BTE Hearing Aids Deliver Big Features in Small Package

SOMERSET, NJ –  Oticon’s new mini-behind-the-ear style expands the Oticon Agil, Acto and Ino families to meet client expectations for popular compact, discreet and high performing BTE models. The miniBTE addition rounds out the product portfolio for Agil, Acto and Ino and provides hearing care professionals with client-pleasing design and fitting flexibility across three performance levels. 

Oticon releases new BTE hearing aid models. “Small, attractive, easy-to-wear style and excellent sound quality have been a primary focus in designing our miniBTE,” said Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “The result is an innovative, sophisticated hearing solution with a high discreetness factor that delivers clear, undistorted sound for a natural listening experience. The discreet design and technologically advanced features appeal to new users as well as existing users who are looking to upgrade to a more advanced cosmetic hearing solution.”

Oticon’s new miniBTE style offers excellent sound quality and extended bandwidth. Powered by Oticon’s powerful and efficient RISE 2 signal processing, output performance has been optimized to achieve the highest sound quality and frequency response while minimizing the potential for feedback. 

The small-scale smooth, organic design of the hearing aid is compact and discreet, sitting comfortably behind the ear and aligned to the ear’s natural contours. An unobtrusive push button is easy for users to find and operate.  Available in a choice of thin-tube or sound hook configurations with easy, snap-on couplings, each miniature hearing solution is designed inside and out to withstand everyday usage and ensure continued high performance and reliability.

The miniBTEs are available for the all Agil, Acto and Ino family instruments in all three performance levels. The addition of the miniBTE style meets needs for premium, advanced and essential hearing solutions. 

Agil, Acto and Ino miniBTE hearing solutions are compatible with the ConnectLine system, including the new ConnectLine Microphone that enables users to conduct clear and private one-on-one conversations in challenging listening situations.

For more information on the new Oticon miniBTEs and the entire Agil, Acto and Ino families visit

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