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Best in Class(Room) - Oticon Pediatrics Amigo R12 Features Compact Size and Compatibility with Most FM Systems

Somerset, NJ June 6 Oticon Pediatrics introduces the Oticon Amigo R12, the first FM solution that operates on a 312 battery to enable small hearing devices, including Oticon Epoq, Vigo Pro and Vigo, to retain their cosmetic appeal and fit better on small ears. The new FM solution integrates with the hearing devices by sliding onto the battery door, without the need for an additional boot. The result is a small, sleek, child-friendly design that also offers compatibility with most current and older FM systems available today.

With Amigo R12, it is now possible for hearing care professionals to add a perfectly integrated receiver to state-of-the art instruments and optimize the performance of both instruments, explains Oticon Pediatrics Manager Sheena Oliver, AuD, MBA.

Amigo is the first FM solution to feature extremely flexible frequency response and compression strategies that make it compatible with a wide range of other manufacturers FM systems, offering the full complement of benefits even when used with older FM products.

At Oticon Pediatrics, we have taken an open systems approach to FM because we believe that FM solutions should be able to match with other systems, explains Oliver. Compatibility is an especially important benefit for school systems that no longer have to worry about exchanging inventories to match with the advanced technology and performance provided by Amigo R12.

Similar to other products in the Amigo family, the new FM solution features a unique, built-in LED light that lets teachers and parents know with certainty that the system is working correctly. With its 7.5 kHz bandwidth, Amigo R12 provides excellent access to the speech cues that a child needs to hear and that can help improve comprehension in school. Speech clarity has been identified by educational audiologists as the most important FM benefit and Amigo intelligently prioritizes voice over noise, ensuring that the cleanest signal gets to the student.

Easily reprogrammed to match other manufacturers receivers, Amigo R12 can locate the correct channel in seconds from transmitters located within a range of up to 100 feet. For children traveling to different classrooms throughout the day, a short push of the button enables the receiver to quickly seek the next available FM signal.

Amigo R12 can be purchased and serviced separately. It features a secure interlocking connection and an optional tamper-resistant lock. For more information about Oticon Pediatrics and the Amigo R12, log onto or or contact Oticon Pediatrics at 1-888-OTI-PED1 (1-888-684-7331).

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