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New Starkey Tech Report Explains ELI And Its Evolution

A new Tech Report, titled The Promise of Bluetooth for the Hearing Impaired, is now available from Starkey Laboratories. The report provides an in-depth explanation of the evolution and design of the ELI (Ear Level Instrument), which was released in July.

ELI is the first Bluetooth device to enable wireless communication between hearing instruments and digital electronics. The document can be downloaded at www.elihearing.com. To request a complimentary hard-copy version, contact us 800.328.8602 or sales@starkey.com

Authored by Dr. Jerry Yanz, Senior Trainer in Starkeys Education and Training Department, the report examines the challenges of telephone use faced by the hearing impaired, recounts industry attempts to meet those challenges and explains the advantages and features of this latest technological breakthrough. Specifically, the document provides details about how ELI's Bluetooth capability improves mobile phone communication for hearing loss patients.

This is a "must read" for anyone who serves the hearing impaired. Knowledge of this emerging technology will be important to professionals throughout the hearing industry.

For more information on Starkey, visit www.starkey.com

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