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Oticon Announces Intiga as Latest Hearing Aid in Line-up

SOMERSET, NJ – Oticon, Inc. today introduces a tiny new hearing instrument that may make it easier for people with a strong preference for an “invisible” hearing solution to take the first step toward better hearing. On the opening day of the American Academy of Audiology AudiologyNOW! conference, the leading hearing device manufacturer unveiled Oticon Intiga, a custom-made invisible-in-the-ear hearing device designed especially for people new to hearing instruments.

New Intiga fits comfortably and invisibly deep in the ear canal and offers advanced audiological features that enable wearers to hear better, with less effort, even in the most demanding listening situations. The secure, custom-made fit means that the tiny hearing instrument stays protected and secure during physical activity and allows easy use of phones and headsets.

“People seeking hearing solutions for the first time rank discreetness as a key motivating feature.  For more than half of them, invisibility – the ultimate in discretion – is a must-have feature,” says Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “Intiga builds on the enormous appeal of invisibility to provide a clear and comfortable listening experience and deliver the immediate benefits that help first-time users to become satisfied long-term users of amplification.”

Oticon releases latest hearing aid, Intigaˡ

Super tiny, ultra sleek, high-performance Intiga is designed to improve first-time users’ ability to hear and understand conversation and other everyday sounds with less listening effort, even in difficult listening situations such as restaurants, conference rooms or sporting events. Advanced audiological features, including Oticon’s proprietary SpeechGuard technology, work in harmony with the brain to recognize speech cues and make it easier to separate conversation from background noise.

Placement close to the eardrum enables the fully automatic hearing instrument to use the natural acoustics of the ear to deliver a pleasing, transparent sound quality. 

For those who may not be candidates for the custom-made Intiga, Oticon offers the small, sleek and stylish Intiga, a high performance hearing instrument that fits almost invisibly behind the ear. Intiga is the world’s smallest fully wireless hearing solution, enabling the device to act as a wireless, hands-free headset for cell phones and other entertainment devices.    

The Intiga family is at the heart of The Now Effect, Oticon’s holistic approach to help first-time users find a simply and clear path to acceptance. The Now Effect offers tools and resources, including tested and proven marketing materials, to empower hearing care professionals to attract and motivate new clients and support their journey to long-term satisfaction.

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