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Hearing Aid Reviews: New FDA Hearing Aid Guide

You might notice it. Maybe not. Hearing loss is common, 34 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss according to a report published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); however, only 11 million of us take the time and expense of purchasing a pair of hearing aids. 

Hearing Aid Reviews FDATo assist consumers in making an educated decision when purchasing hearing aids, the FDA published a consumer’s guide for those just starting on their journey to better hearing. In it, experts offer advice on choosing the right type of hearing aids to meet specific kinds of hearing loss. 

The FDA report identifies issues many consumers encounter when hearing loss goes untreated including: negative impact on ability to communicate with others, lowered workplace productivity, problems with personal relationships, a feeling of isolation and a lot of wasted time and money. 

Despite ongoing negative myths, research has demonstrated by treating hearing loss with hearing aids, quality of life can be improved alongside your hearing. 

To learn more about the FDA’s consumer guide to purchasing hearing aids visit: Hearing Aid Happiness: FDA Guide Helps Consumers

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