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Oticon Hearing Aids: Hear Better with Agil

Better Hearing with Oticon Agil

With improved processing speed and sophisticated technologies, Agil allows users more mental energy to better understand, remember and participate. This is accomplished with three technology features working together to restore dimesion to sound.

                                                                        Oticon Hearing Aids, Agil Hearing Aids

Spatial Sound 2.0

Spatial Sound 2.0 mimics the brain’s natural processing of sound by preserve loudness differences between both of our ears. These tiny differences are extremely important for the brain to navigate in an environment full of sound. 

In addition, Spatial Sound 2.0 technology employs a Binaural Noise Management System to mimic the brain’s ability to focus on where to listen by prioritizing the ear with the most robust signal when there is sound louder on one side of our body. 

Speech Guard

Speech Guard automatically and continually analyzes incoming sounds before they are amplified by the hearing aid. Based on the analysis (is the sound speech or unwanted noise) Speech Guard adjusts volume automatically and without distortion. Speech Guard makes a smooth transition to your current listening environment. And you won’t even notice. 

Connect Plus

By using a streamer with the Oticon Agil, users are able to connect wirelessly to other audio devices and sources within their environment and life. Sound quality is taken to a level never imagined with hearing aids. 

To learn more about the Oticon Agil hearing aids and how they restore dimensional hearing, visit: Oticon Hearing Aids: Agil Takes Sound to a New Dimension .

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