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Hearing Aids Reviews: Better Hearing Institute Survey Results

Better Hearing Institute LogoEarlier this year the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) published the results of a major survey that looked at many aspects of hearing aids, including the utility of hearing aids. In other words, in how many places and environments do hearing aid users find their hearing aids useful and improved quality of life. According to BHI’s report, today’s hearing aids deliver more utility in more places than ever before. Translation? Today’s hearing aids deliver more benefits to consumers than ever before, which ultimately results in improved perceived benefit. 

How Useful Are Hearing Aids? 

Thanks to today's digital technology, hearing aids are smarter, smaller and are helping millions of persons with hearing loss hear better each and every day. The data doesn't lie – perceived benefit is at an all time high among hearing aid wearers. Sure you still have an unhappy wearer here and there but overall hearing aid technology has improved and wearers feel they are hearing better in more environments. 

So just why has the utility improved with hearing aids?

Sound Quality: Today’s digital hearing aids are designed to simulate natural sound with a wider frequency response – higher highs and lower lows – along with other features that actually produce a more natural listening experience.  

Wireless Connectivity: Today’s most advanced hearing aids now connect with other audio devices, such as cell phones, which allows you to turn your hearing aids into a personal headset delivering important information directly to your hearing aids.  This allows you to always be connected, no matter where you are at. 

Automation: Working alongside improved sound quality, advanced features such as directional microphones and noise reduction now activate automatically when the hearing aids senses unwanted noise in your environment.  Automation from hearing aids allows you to stay focused on what you want to hear, not on adjusting your hearing aids. 

Wearing Comfort: With an increased focus in design, hearing aid manufacturers are now producing hearing aids that fit comfortably in the ear. This improved comfort allows hearing aid users to go throughout their day without even thinking about the hearing aid being in their ear. 

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