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Be an Educated Hearing Aid Consumer: Healthy Hearing's Consumer Guides

Hearing loss

The facts: 27 million Americans experience hearing loss but only 2% of us do anything about it - like have our hearing tested and seeking treatment such as hearing aids.

There's the hassle, the cost, the self-perception and the perceptions of others that deter many seeking treatment. "Hearing aids make me look old", "Hearing aids are big and clunky". "I don't have enough hearing loss to need a hearing aid".

We have heard them all. The excuses. The fact is hearing aids have changed through the years and now are small, sleek, cosmetically ear computers that allow those with hearing loss (even mild hearing loss) to stay connected to life.

The Hearing Test

Hearing is part of living. It's part of what makes life fun, worthwhile and purposeful. People with hearing loss are often isolated, even from their own family members. And studies have shown hearing loss often has a negative impact on spousal relationships.

If this sounds familiar perhaps it is time to see a hearing professional for a full hearing evaluation. The hearing test results will reveal if you do in fact have hearing loss and if so, if you are a hearing aid candidate.

The test is quick, simple and painless.

Still doubtful? Healthy Hearing offers a simple, on-line questionnaire that will at least give you an indication of whether it's time for an actual hearing test. It is simple, free, and totally confidential.

You will be asked a few important questions about your lifestyle, hearing preferences, problem areas - nothing to strain the brain. The objective, here, is to determine if a hearing loss exists.

The online questionnaire's objective is not to replace a hearing test but instead to alert you to hearing issues that you perhaps did not think of as potentially being a "hearing loss". The questionnaire simply will let know whether it's time to visit a hearing professional for a more detailed hearing evaluation.

Be an Educated Hearing Aid Consumer

Hearing loss is complex. Hearing aids are even more complex. The entire process can be very overwhelming to many. Healthy Hearing recognizes the need to become a more informed hearing aid consumer which is why they have developed free online consumer guides.

After completing the online hearing loss questionnaire you will receive free consumer guides educating you on everything and anything that has to do with hearing loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants.

You will also receive a funding guide to hearing aids and cochlear implants - which provides a comprehensive list of funding resources across the entire United States. These funding resources are typically for persons who can not financially afford to purchase hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.

Begin Today

Hearing loss is one of the leading health issues in the United States today, it is also one many persons choose not to treat. And yet, it is so treatable and research supports the positive benefits of treating hearing loss with hearing aids.

If you have suspected you may have hearing loss visit Healthy Hearing Consumer's Guides to Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids and answer a few questions to determine if you have a potential hearing loss. Then receive a wealth of information that will begin your journey in becoming an educated patient and hearing aid consumer.

To learn more about Healthy Hearing's Consumer Guides and for more information on being an educated hearing aid consumer visit: Suspect Hearing Loss? Let HealthyHearing.com Educate You

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