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Studies Show Hearing Loss Impacts Marriage Negatively

Studies carried out in Great Britain and the United States indicate that untreated hearing loss can harm relationships.

In both studies, nearly half of respondents said that breakdown in communication caused by unmanaged hearing loss put their relationships with a spouse in peril.

A large number of study participants also expressed that their significant other is reluctant to get a hearing check because he / she is in denial about hearing loss.

It is not uncommon for many people not to admit that their hearing has diminished. Aside from denial, some sufferers may also resist getting help because they believe hearing aid is associated with age and / or disability; for others, cost of a hearing device or cosmetic considerations are a concern.

Overcoming reluctance to get treatment for hearing loss is important because hearing aids not only promote better communication (and thus stronger marriages) between spouses, but they also improve the overall quality of life.

To read more about the studies and the impact hearing loss had on marriage, visit: Love, Marriage and Hearing Loss: Listen to Me Dear!

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