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VRS and IP Relay Ten-Digit Number Registration Deadline Advisory

Persons with hearing and/or speech disabilities who use VRS and/or IP Relay are reminded, if they have not yet done so, to register with the VRS or IP Relay default provider of their choice as soon as possible, and no later than June 30, 2009. To complete the registration process, a VRS and/or IP Relay user must provide his or her physical location information
(Registered Location) to a default provider and, in exchange, obtain a ten-digit geographic telephone number. After June 30, 2009, all VRS and IP Relay users must be registered with a default provider in order to place a non-emergency call through any VRS or IP Relay provider. In addition, after that date, VRS and IP Relay providers will no longer complete
calls to a user's former "proxy" or "alias" number that may have been previously obtained from a provider.

To ensure delivery of accurate location information to responders in an emergency, VRS and IP-Relay users must provide updated location information to their default provider any time it changes.

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