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Protect Your Investment in Better Hearing with ESCO's Platinum Plan

Protect your investment in better hearing with a comprehensive Loss, Accidental damage and Repair coverage with ESCO's Platinum Plan.

The Platinum Plan covers against Loss, Accidental Damage and includes a full repair warranty against electrical / mechanical breakdown associated with normal wear and tear repairs. Applying for coverage is quick and easy. Simply download the PDF file and print the application from your computer. Fill out the Policy Holder Information and have your practitioner fill out the Hearing Instrument information and complete the hearing instrument inspection. You can either mail it or fax it to us to apply for coverage, along with your coverage premium. (Prices are determined directly on the make and model of your hearing instrument. Please see your hearing health professional to receive a quote on specific premiums). You will receive a statement of benefits following the processing of your application. Coverage will be considered effective on the date received by ESCO. Please feel free to call us toll free with any questions at 800-992-3726.

Click Here to download and print the application.

Click here to visit the Ear Service Corporation (ESCO) website.

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