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Deafness Research Foundation Announces Grant Recipients

On August 31, the Deafness Research Foundation (DRF) announced its 2009-2010 grant recipients. DRF issued 17 grants of up to $25,000 and one Centurion Clinical Research Award of $50,000 to outstanding young scientists in the field of hearing and balance research. Each year, DRF distributes research grants to young investigators who are exploring new avenues of hearing and balance science. These funds support research in the following areas:

  • Fundamental Auditory Research - development, genetics, molecular biology, physiology, anatomy and regeneration biology
  • Hearing and Balance Restoration - infants, children and adult cochlear implants/surgical therapy for otosclerosis, hair cell regeneration, hearing aids and medical therapy
  • Hearing loss - aging, noise-induced, otosclerosis, viral infection (sudden deafness), ototoxicity, temporal bone pathology, otitis media, cholesteatoma, and tumors
  • Vestibular and Balance Disorders - dizziness and vertigo, Meniere's disease
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and Hyperacusis - decreased tolerance of sound

To learn more about the DRF, visit www.drf.org/. To view list of current grant recipients, visit www.drf.org/previous+and+current+recipients.

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