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Oticon Hearing Aids: Supporting Breast Cancer Research

Somerset, NJ September 7 - This October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month will celebrate 25 years of making a positive difference for women and their families in communities around the world. Oticon, Inc. is proud to once again support this worthy cause with a special campaign to benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition. In October, Oticon will launch its newest campaign Pink with a Purpose - to introduce Oticon Agil Think Pink, the newest addition to the Agil portfolio of sleek, modern design, high performance hearing aids. During October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Oticon, Inc. will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the special edition Agil Think Pink and all Oticon Agil hearing aids to the National Breast Cancer Coalition to support breast cancer research. 

oticon hearing aids“This is the third year that Oticon has introduced a special edition Think Pink hearing aid to help generate breast cancer awareness and support,” stated Peer Lauritsen, president of Oticon, Inc. “This annual campaign resonates with hearing care professionals and patients alike iving people with hearing loss the opportunity to choose the performance they need and the modern design they want and, at the same time, support a very deserving cause.” 

New audiological concepts in Think Pink Agil and all hearing aids in the Agil family are designed to preserve the natural characteristics of speech, while enriching the sound quality to enable the brain to use fewer of its resources for listening purposes. As a result, the end-user should have more residual energy for other important tasks such as full social interaction.

Oticon will promote Agil Think Pink with a range of Pink with a Purpose marketing communications materials including ads, newspaper inserts, postcards and desktop displays. The company encourages hearing care professionals and their clients to participate in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” noncompetitive walks that will take place in cities across the country in October. Plans are already underway for a team of Oticon employees, wearing Agil Think Pink t-shirts, to once again travel from the company’s Somerset, New Jersey headquarters to New York City’s Central Park to participate in one of country’s largest American Cancer Society walks.

Find For more information about the new Agil Think Pink and the entire Agil Family, visit www.oticonusa.com.  

Find a local hearing center that carries Oticon Agil Think Pink Hearing Aids.

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