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The Hearing Loss Association of America Welcomes You to the 2007 Walk4Hearing!

walk4hearing.jpgThe Walk4Hearing is a nationally coordinated effort sponsored by the Hearing Loss Association of America. Its purpose is to increase awareness about the causes and consequences of hearing loss and to raise funds to provide information and support for people with hearing loss. The Hearing Loss Association of America depends on generous volunteers to raise funds and awareness at each of our Walk4Hearing sites.

"Help make hearing loss an issue of national concern."
Rocky Stone, Founder

Choose a walk from the list below:

Spring Walks

  • Atlanta, GA 4.28.07
  • Augusta, GA 5.5.07
  • Downstate NY 5.5.07
  • West Michigan 5.5.07
  • Southeastern Michigan 5.5.07
  • Rochester, NY 5.6.07
  • Longmont, CO 5.6.07
  • Newtown Square, PA 5.12.07
  • Long Beach, CA 6.10.07

Fall Walks

  • Seattle, WA 9.23.07
  • Chicago, IL 10.6.07
  • Houston, TX 10.6.07
  • Odessa, TX 10.20.07
  • North Texas 10.27.07
  • DC Metro Fall
  • Boston, MA Fall

Why Walk?

Most of us give little thought to our ears until we have a problem hearing. The sounds go into our ears and up to the brain and we hear. Unlike our eyes, our ears never close. We hear all day long and even through the night. From the time the alarm clock goes off in the morning until we fall asleep at night, our days are filled with communication. We talk with our spouses. We answer our children's questions. We discuss a business contract with our colleagues. We call the plumber. We have dinner with friends. And we go to sleep at night; secure in the knowledge that we will hear the smoke alarm if a fire breaks out. Hearing is effortless.

But for almost 31 million Americans, hearing is not effortless. It's not easy for them to hear what their spouses and colleagues are saying. They can't enjoy dinner in a noisy restaurant. The smoke alarm will not awaken them. And far too many don't know where to find the information and support they need to overcome the communication obstacles that hearing loss creates.

The Hearing Loss Association of America is dedicated to providing that information and support -- and to enable people with hearing loss to live rich and productive lives.

Taken from www.walk4hearing.org/site/PageServer?pagename=walk_home_page

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