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PCO Instructor Writes Childrens Book

Most college instructors dont write books for children. Tricia Dabrowski, M.A., F.A.A.A., of the PCO School of Audiology is the exception. She wrote and illustrated Annie Hears Her World, a childrens book that deals with hearing loss. The idea came to her ten years ago when she couldnt find a childrens book about hydrocephalus for her daughter, Jennica, who has this condition. Since few books exist for children with hearing loss, Tricia wrote her own book. This book was released by Siemens Hearing Instruments at the April 2006 American Academy of Audiology Convention and Siemens plans to provide this book with every hearing instrument they sell for a pediatric fitting.


For more information on Siemens Hearing Instruments, visit www.Siemens.com.

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