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Secure Clips to Prevent the Loss of Your Hearing Aid

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I'm Listening

Its impossible. Improbable. Never gonna happen to me. I just cant loose it. I keep my hearing instrument attached to my clothing with a lightweight OtoClip. Its secure. Safe. Cool. I am listening. Im protecting my hearing investment with a Westone OtoClip.

Are You Listening?

Golfing. Hiking. Traveling. Or working around the yard. Its nearly impossible to lose your expensive hearing instrument with an OtoClip. Simply attach the lightweight lanyard to your instrument, then clip it securely to your clothing or eyeglasses. You stay connected to your hearing instrument no matter how active you are! Theyre clear or colorful. Smart and secure. Safe and attractive. And available in styles to fit practically any hearing device. Put your mind at ease. See your hearing healthcare professional and ask about OtoClips. Youll want to listen.

OtoClips protect your expensive hearing instrument.

Keep your hearing instrument safe with an OtoClip. It just might be the best investment youll every make!

  • OtoClip Basic.
  • OtoClip 2 for binaural ear level instruments.
  • ITE OtoClip featuring a spring-loaded jewelers clasp for securing the lanyard to ITE instruments.
  • ITE OtoClip 2 for use with two instruments.

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