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Ask Your Hearing Healthcare Professional About Swim Plugs


With swim season almost upon us, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of a few of the many useful reasons to have a pair of AquaNot swimplugs from Westone on hand. You know, AquaNots are great for more than just swimming - they're also excellent sound plugs. Some of these reasons you may already be aware of, some we just thought up, but all are sure to make you say, "Wow, order me a pair!"

10. Keeps water out of your ears while swimming on vacation (and your brain from exploding while trapped in the car with the kids on the way there).

9. Excellent noise suppression capabilities. Great for use when cutting wood, mowing the lawn, operating power equipment, or visiting your in-laws.

8. They're floatable (even if you're not).

7. Exciting, more vibrant colors are sure to make a splash at the pool (cannonballs and belly-flops optional).

6. Your head is full of enough junk already (eighth grade locker combination; phone number from 1983; the words to The Brady Bunch theme song) -- there's no need to add pool or ocean water to the mix.

5. Ensures that you actually enjoy the peace and quiet of a long, hot bath -- whether there is peace and quiet in the house or not.

4. Never again be bothered on an airplane by the annoying whine of the jet engines (or the no-slip bathtub appliqu salesman sitting next to you).

3. Handy cords keep AquaNots connected (also great for emergency bikini repair).

2. With handles for easy placement and removal, super soggy wrinkled skin won't be a problem -- even if you haven't been in the water yet.

1. There's just nothing better at keeping water out. AquaNots and Swyrls by Westone are soft for long wearing comfort, floatable, and offer incredible noise suppression. If you're looking for the ultimate in style and comfort, they really are number one.

For more information on AquaNot swimplugs click here.

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