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Oticon Releases New Counseling Tool

eCaps Pro, the newest version of Oticon’s interactive multimedia counseling tool, is designed to empower hearing care professionals to engage clients in the counseling and fitting process and to better identify and meet their needs. eCaps Pro features an expanded selection of more than 25 tools tailored to first-time, experienced and power users and an impressive range of video clips, graphics and animations. Available in applications for personal computers and iPads, eCaps Pro is easy to navigate and customizable to each dispenser’s specific counseling and practice needs.

Establishing Expertise, Building Trust

In developing the tools in eCaps Pro, Oticon utilized research on the needs of different client groups to help dispensers convey information and answer questions most relevant to each group. Hearing care professionals have the option to customize eCaps Pro to fit their specific needs and preferences. For example, choosing from the comprehensive list of tools, practitioners can create a personal “agenda” for individual client sessions.

“With eCaps Pro, counseling sessions can be customized to support the way each practitioner likes to work,” says Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “Hearing care professionals can choose their own color scheme, display their own practice logo and customize the wording and appearance of tools to create their own individually tailored version of eCaps Pro.”

Client-Friendly Features

A range of motivational tools enable hearing care professionals to quickly determine a client’s level of readiness to accept hearing solutions and help clients pinpoint and rank difficult listening situations in order of importance. This helps to open a dialogue that can lead to a presentation of optimal hearing solutions and features that provide the best possible listening experience for the client’s hearing and lifestyle needs.

The Virtual Fitting Room tool offers a series of animated illustrations showing how different instrument styles can be worn. Clients can select a pair of Oticon hearing instruments and view them from a variety angles as they are “modeled” by an illustration that most resembles the client. It is also possible to demonstrate how various features enhance speech and manage noise in challenging listening environments.

With eCaps Pro, each client visit can be completed with a client report summing up the session. The report helps clients remember what was discussed and provides a foundation for further discussion and decision-making at home. The report also contains links and references to videos and brochures relevant for the individual client.

“The new eCaps Pro counseling system increases opportunities for client engagement,” says Lauritsen. “The easy navigation and intuitive design make this a very client-friendly tool that can be used to provide clients with a more ‘hands-on’ interactive experience.”

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