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Top Ten Things You Can Do With In-Ear Monitors

By: Westone Labs
Most people buying a home stereo concern themselves with getting a good pair of speakers. Few people understand the importance of a spectacular sound system the way musicians and audio professionals do. Thats why just about every rock, pop and country star you can think of is throwing out their floor wedge stage monitors and replacing them with in-ear monitors.

Why settle for substandard speakers for your day-to-day listening needs when there are better choices?

Although they were originally designed for the performing musician, the UM1 universal-fit monitor from Westone plugs straight into a standard 3.5 mm jack which makes it immediately compatible with a wide variety of listening devices. Add a simple adapter and the possibilities are nearly limitless!

Top ten ways to enhance your listening experience with a pair of UM1's:

10) Business Traveler
Plug it into your chair during your airline flight and youll enjoy the movie in ways the other passengers would have never dreamed.

9) Serious Gamer
Enjoy your first person video games with all of the blaring ruckus without waking up your roommate or neighbor.

8) Fitness Fanatic
The compressible foam tips and the fact that the cords go over and behind your ears makes for a comfortable run or workout without fear of losing your earpieces.

7) Gardening Guy
Already spending hours with your plants? Music helps make the time fly.

6) Dueting with Mick
Next time youre hanging out with The Stones, you can leave Jagger in the mix or take him out.

5) Church Choir or Praise Band
Because you can change out the compressible foam tips, UM1s are great to use across multiple band members. Just change out the tips and youre ready for the next player!

4) Replace Cheap Earbuds
No digital listening device (CD, MP3 or Mini-disc player) lives up to its potential through the wimpy earbuds that come with them. Replace them with UM1s and finally hear the potential of your stereo equipment.

3) Movies on the Laptop
The thin laptop speakers do not do justice to the DVDs you can watch on todays computers. But with UM1s, you can have a home theater in your head.

2) Give as a Gift
Who wouldnt want to share all of these possibilities? UM1s are the audiophiles best-kept secret Until now.

1) Oh yeah, we almost forgot: Monitoring your stage performance

Musicians all over the world have discovered the benefits of in-ear monitoring. They know about getting a consistent stage mix, increased feedback control and reduced on-stage noise. Now you can discover in-ear monitoring at the most affordable price ever.

UM1 universal-fit monitors are available directly from the manufacturer (www.westonelabs.com) for $99 a pair plus shipping and handling. They come with a wax loop, padded storage pouch and three pair of compressible foam tips. Order yours today!

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