Oticon Introduces New ConnectLine Microphone


ConnectLine Microphone Bridges Communication Gap for More Personal, One-on-One Connections

SOMERSET, NJ  March 7 – The Oticon ConnectLine system empowers users to take full advantage of their Oticon hearing aids’ wireless connectivity by streaming audio from a variety of modern communication and entertainment devices. With the introduction of ConnectLine Microphone, Oticon expands its ConnectLine system to capture audio from a much more personal source in even the most difficult listening situations.  New ConnectLine Microphone is a discreet clip-on microphone designed to pick up a companion’s voice, filter out surrounding sound and transmit conversation wirelessly through the Streamer to the user’s hearing instruments. For users, the wireless transmission from the microphone to the hearing instruments means enhanced ability to engage in one-on-one conversations in environments that may have been difficult if not impossible before.

oticon hearing aids connectline microphone

“There are listening environments that make it almost impossible for people with hearing loss to carry on one-on-one conversations,” says Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “When driving in a car, face-to-face communication is not an option.  Everyone is facing the same direction, eliminating the possibility of lip and facial expression reading.  This scenario is exacerbated by sound bouncing off the windows and background road noise. Other noisy environments such as social gatherings or restaurants also reduce the likelihood that quiet conversation between two people can be understood and enjoyed.  The ConnectLine Microphone can help to bridge those communication gaps, empowering people with hearing loss to stream their conversation partner’s voice wirelessly to their hearing instruments.”

The discreet ConnectLine Microphone is worn by the user’s companion and connects wirelessly to the Streamer, allowing the user to hear the other person’s voice directly through his/her hearing instruments.  With ConnectLine Microphone and other Connectline solutions including the ConnectLine TV Adapter and Phone Adapter, hearing device users have the potential to participate more actively and interact more naturally in some of life’s most important situations.

Oticon’s Genie 2011.1 fitting software enables hearing care professionals to easily bring new and existing clients up to date with the latest software for the ConnectLine Microphone and other versatile ConnectLine solutions.

For more information on ConnectLine Microphone and the entire ConnectLine system, visit oticonusa.com.  Source: Oticon USA

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