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Oticon Pediatrics Expands Free Hearing Aid Retention Device Offering to Include Styles for New Sleeker, Smaller BTEs

Oticon Pediatrics has something for every parent who has ever stopped a game or a performance or turned a room upside down to search for a childs lost hearing device. In keeping with its commitment to child friendly hearing care solutions, Oticon Pediatrics has expanded its offering of a free Ear Gear hearing aid retention device with each Oticon hearing instrument ordered to cover the full range of smaller, sleeker BTEs such as the Oticon Delta, Epoq and Vigo models. Ear Gear devices are designed to prevent hearing aid loss and, for active children and teens, protect against dirt, perspiration and rain.

Not only does Ear Gear help reduce loss, but it is a great accessory for older children who are active in sports and other outdoor activities, states Maureen Doty, MA, CCC-A, Marketing Manager for Oticon Pediatrics. Thats why we are pleased to offer Ear Gear devices customized for our Delta, Epoq and Vigo BTEs. All of the free Ear Gear devices are now discreet beige to make them more appealing to image-conscious tweens and teens and to simplify ordering options for hearing care professionals. Both corded and cordless Ear Gear are available.


The water resistant nylon/spandex protective sleeves slip easily over hearing instruments and are comfortable to wear. A corded style Ear Gear that clips to clothing for added security is available for the youngest wears, from infant through elementary school. Tween and older teens usually prefer the cosmetic appeal of the cordless style. Ear Gear allows parents and older youngsters easy access to any active controls by simply sliding the Ear Gear back. If the fit on the hearing aid is tight, controls can be manipulated through the lightweight fabric.

For more information on Oticon hearing devices and the new Ear Gear offer, contact Maureen Doty at mdd@oticonusa.com or 1-888-OTI-PED1 (888-684-7331).

For more information about Oticon Pediatrics, log onto www.oticonusa.com.

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