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Energizer Introduced New and Improved Amplifier EZ Change

St. Louis, Missouri, October 20, 2004--Energizer is proud to introduce new and improved Amplifier EZ Change. The latest product enhancements have made the worlds only hearing aid battery dispenser even easier to use. Now, a redesign makes the dispenser easier to grip and handle, and recent improvements in battery technology mean that each dispenser contains the longest lasting Energizer batteries ever.

An Energizer survey of audiologists found that 62 percent say they have prescribed hearing aids that use larger, easier-to-handle batteries for their patients, rather than choosing a smaller one that may enable them to hear better. Small instruments may also help overcome vanity issues that can arise with the larger, bulkier hearing aids. With EZ Change, patients can handle even the smallest of batteries, enabling them to wear smaller hearing aids.

More than just a battery, Amplifier EZ Change is a dispenser that is changing the way people change hearing aid batteries. Hearing health professionals can make their patients lives simpler by introducing them to EZ Change, which removes the tab and inserts the battery so patients never have to handle tiny batteries or bother with sticky tabs. Since the battery goes directly from the dispenser to the hearing aid, patients do not need to touch the battery. Reduced handling lessens the chance that the tiny air holes will be clogged by skin oils from their fingers. Amplifier EZ Change also keeps the batteries securely in the dispenser. With traditional spin packs, batteries are more likely to come out of the package and get lost in a pocket or purse. Loose batteries run the risk of being shorted out by keys or loose coins. The benefits of EZ Change really help patients to get maximum battery performance.

New & Improved Amplifier EZ Change is available through participating distributors at a new lower price. As an added bonus, through the end of December 2004, every order of 10 cartons of EZ Change will receive two free cartons plus an Energizer Bunny. Contact your distributor for details or call 1-800-426-8268.

Trust Energizer for cutting-edge technology and long-lasting batteries to keep your patients going. In addition to Amplifier EZ Change battery dispensers, Energizer offers traditional spin pack products, office merchandising and patient education. For more information or a free Amplifier EZ Change sample, call 888-525-5077.

To visit the Energizer website, click here.

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