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Connection between tinnitus and wisdom teeth?

Occasionally dental problems can affect the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and cause symptoms of a noisy or clicking jaw. Statistically, however, there is no direct relation between impacted wisdom teeth and tinnitus. Having impacted wisdom teeth is not considered a cause of tinnitus. Therefore, removing the impacted teeth in all probability would not clear the tinnitus.

If your tinnitus is disrupting your lifestyle (keeping you from sleep or waking you, making it difficult for you to concentrate, or causing you anxiety), I suggest you seek the services of an ENT (ear, nose and throat physician) and audiologist with expertise in the area of tinnitus management. If it is determined that there is no medically treatable cause of your tinnitus, a number of solutions are available to help you to cope with it more effectively. Among other things, these can include masking devices to cover up the offensive sound with a more soothing one, training in ways to mentally ''reassign'' the tinnitus to the level of an insignificant background sound, and anti-anxiety therapies.

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