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What does Dizziness Have to Do With Hearing?

Chances are that if you have had an evaluation for dizziness, you also had your hearing checked. It is also likely that a professional hearing evaluation will be accompanied by at least a question to you about any dizziness.

The main reason for this marriage between hearing and balance is anatomical. One of the things that makes the ear unique is that it is the only organ to house 2 senses: hearing & balance.

The hearing portion of the inner ear is called the cochlea. Contained within the cochlea are hair cells and 2 distinct fluids (endolymph and perilymph).

The balance part of the inner ear is referred to as the vestibular system and contains you guessed it- endolymph, perilymph and hair cells.

It makes sense that some inner ear disorders can affect both our hearing mechanism and our vestibular sense. The particular pattern of hearing & vestibular impairment can give clues as to the etiology of an ear disorder. If you were dizzy but noted no problem with your hearing at all, a hearing evaluation would probably still be done. Sometimes that evaluation can pick up subtle, unnoticed changes in your hearing that can provide diagnostic information about your dizziness.

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