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Treatment for a 5-yr. old with CAPD

It is extremely difficult to make an accurate diagnosis of an auditory processing problem in a child as young as 5. There are some tests that have normative data down to that age, but performance levels on those tests are typically quite low. When a child performs poorly at age 5, it is not always clear that the problem is related to APD because it may be due to other factors such as attention, fatigue, or intelligence. I think that it is wise to seek as much information as you can about your daughter and it sounds as though you have begun to do that. An evaluation for intelligence and an evaluation for speech and language skills would be a good place to start. Then, I would want to be sure that the audiologist has performed at least two dichotic listening tests with her and observed a consistent pattern of results.

I'm not sure what type of therapy has been recommended for your daughter. There are a number of traditional speech and language approaches and there are several auditory-specific therapies that may prove helpful. Without knowing what has been tried, it is difficult to comment on the frustration your daughter may be having with the therapy and school situation.

The number one goal should be to isolate the areas of weakness that are making it difficult for your daughter to perform normally and feel comfortable in school. It may take a while longer before it can be fully determined what your daughter's primary problem is. I know how difficult it is to see her struggle, but it sounds as though you are pursuing the information you will need to ultimately understand what is going on. Good luck and keep me posted.

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