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Where can I get my hearing tested?

The diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine the amount of hearing in each ear. A visit to a professional who specializes in hearing testing and hearing aids or cochlear implants is typically the first step in the evaluation and treatment of hearing loss.

Audiologists have master’s or doctorate degrees in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing loss. Some audiologists specialize in hearing instruments; others may specialize in cochlear implants, tinnitus, pediatric audiology, educational audiology, hearing conservation, or other areas of audiology. Some may have several areas of specialty. In addition to treating hearing loss through amplification, audiologists identify and refer any conditions that require treatment by an otolaryngologist or ENT (ear, nose and throat) physician. The physician will often use the results of audiological testing to assist in diagnosing and treating ear conditions. Hearing Instrument Specialists are trained to perform hearing evaluations and dispense hearing instruments. They abide by state licensure laws for hearing instrument dispensing, and may also hold board certification. They are also trained to refer to physicians for treatable ear conditions.

In a recent survey of people with untreated hearing loss, nearly half indicated that they had insufficient knowledge about hearing loss and where to get tested. In order to remove this roadblock to better hearing, Healthy Hearing has compiled this information for you. By taking with our free Online Hearing Test, you’ll receive referrals to local professionals for a comprehensive hearing evaluation, individualized results, more details about your specific symptoms, and must-have information and tools regarding treatment. As with most health conditions, earlier diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss leads to the most successful outcomes, so don’t wait. The road to better hearing is just a few clicks away.


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