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Can I Prevent My Hearing Loss From Getting Worse?

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Hearing loss tends to get worse gradually as we get older, but each case is unique. In many cases, hearing is stable for many years. This is a question for your audiologist or and hearing professional, based on your specific situation.

Noise is a leading cause of hearing loss, and hearing loss from noise exposure is usually preventable. Both the level of the noise and the length of time you’re exposed to it determine if a noise will cause damage to your hearing. A good rule of thumb is: if you have to raise your voice to be heard by someone standing three feet away, the noise around you could be damaging.  Everyday sounds, such as music, power tools, or a lawn mower, have been shown to cause hearing damage. 

Visit a local hearing center for advice regarding the best options for ear plugs or other noise protection to wear during these activities and get your hearing checked on a a regular basis.  Your hearing professional can compare your exams over time to determine if your hearing loss is worsening. If a significant change is noted, your hearing professional may refer to you to an ear doctor for further evaluation.


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