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Mumps and Hearing Loss

Mumps is a viral infection that commonly causes hearing loss by inflicting damage to the cochlea (inner ear organ of hearing). Hearing loss happens through no fault of the patient or the treating physicians. Body position has absolutely nothing to do with the loss of hearing that follows mumps. There is no ''nerve transplant'' surgery for hearing loss currently. If the hearing loss due to mumps is not too severe, a hearing aid might be of use. If the loss is beyond the capability of a hearing aid in the affected ear, the patient might consider a CROS hearing aid which picks up sound from the bad ear and sends the signal to the good ear, using a transmitter and receiver. A new concept in the treatment of single-sided deafness is known as the BAHA, or bone anchored hearing aid. This requires a minor surgery and is sometimes covered by insurance. It does not restore normal hearing to the affected ear, but does transmit sound from the afflicted side to the better hearing side.

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