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Football CROS

One possible solution is a Football CROS. Starkey Laboratories has an option for custom hearing aids known as a Football CROS. The Football CROS consists of a silicone disk that fits into the ear vent of a football helmet. The disk contains the microphone portion of a CROS hearing aid. A cord connects the microphone to a custom ITE hearing aid worn on the opposite ear. Signals from outside the helmet are delivered to the hearing aid by direct audio input and amplified accordingly. When the listener is not playing football, the ITE portion can be used as part of the daily amplification system. When the CROS portion is unplugged, signals are picked up at the microphone of the hearing aid. When selecting a Football CROS, the custom hearing aid portion is fit appropriately for the hearing loss and the silicone disk should be positioned in the side of the helmet closest to the quarterback.

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