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High Frequency Amplification with Bernafon Brite and the Online Hearing Test

The Bernafon Brite amplifies sounds from 140 Hz to 6700 Hz. This advanced digital technology amplifies sound in multiple bands within its frequency range. So, yes, I would expect you to hear 2000 Hz sounds.

In order to understand why you might not hear 2000Hz in the online hearing test I must explain sound-field testing. Sound-field testing uses sound traveling through air instead of through headphones. The online hearing test is an example of sound-field testing and is meant only to be a screener tool for hearing loss. Sound-field testing is less accurate than other testing methods because of the increased risk of masking (environmental sounds masking the sound you are trying to hear), variability in sound systems and variability in calibration. As you begin the online hearing test, it is recommended that you hook up headphones to decrease ambient sounds and increase the test accuracy. Of course, with hearing aids you cant use the headphones.

If you are having difficulty hearing any specific sounds your audiologist can complete aided Real-Ear Measures to determine if you need more amplification at any specific frequencies. Through Bernafon software your audiologist will be able to adjust the hearing aids for your preferences.

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