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Playing the Trumpet Causes Feedback In My Hearing Aid

Changing the contour of the jawline affects the ear canal for many people. As the jaw moves, the ear canal can easily change direction and/or shape. When this type of movement occurs, the fit of the hearing instrument can be compromised. For example, the instrument may fit perfectly well with the jaw in a normal position. However, when playing your trumpet, the movement of the jaw and canal may create small slit leaks around the hearing instrument. These slit leaks can easily lead to feedback. Feedback is created when the amplified sound escapes the ear canal and enters the hearing instrument microphone again creating a feedback loop.

Because the shell of the hearing instrument is created from an earmold impression, it is important to take two earmold impressions when noticeable changes in the ear canal occur with jaw movement. In these cases, an impression should be taken with the mouth closed and a second impression should be taken with the mouth open. When the earmold impressions are sent to the hearing instrument manufacturer, skilled technicians are able to compare the impressions to create an optimal hearing instrument shell.

In addition to creating the ideal shell, advanced technology hearing instruments often employ sophisticated algorithms which eliminate feedback without adversely affecting the input signal. GN ReSound products utilize Digital Feedback Suppression to cancel out feedback without compromising the performance of the hearing instrument. When the Digital Feedback Suppression system is combined with a well-fit hearing instrument, the results are outstanding.

It is also important to remember that hearing instruments typically employ a loudness limiter, of sorts, to prevent further amplification of very loud sounds. This serves as a protective function by limiting sounds which could potentially damage any remaining function of the ear. Unfortunately, this can be perceived as cutting out by the user. If this is a common occurrence, consultation with your hearing healthcare provider is advised to determine if the loudness limited settings need to be changed.

If you continue to experience feedback problems with your hearing instrument, it is best to follow-up with your hearing healthcare provider to consider remaking the shell of your hearing instrument to better accommodate the movement of your ear canal.

For more information on GN ReSound, visit www.gnresound.com

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