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Adjusting to Frequency Transposition Hearing Aids

The adjustment period is as individual as your hearing loss. Some people adjust instantly while others require months.

When sounds are introduced or reintroduced (even speech sounds), your brain will automatically classify the sound(s) as noise if it cant be identified. This is normal. With repetition, you learn to identify new sounds. Once you can identify the sound, you have attached meaning to it, and the brain will no longer consider the sound noise. Here are a few examples:

You hear a click, click, click on your hardwood floor. You realize it is your dogs toenails, or a family members high heel shoes.

When you say a word with an /s/ or /sh/ sound, you hear static. These are the sounds you have not been hearing.

The key to success with DFC technology is:

1. Hear a new sound.
2. Identify the sound.
3. Store it in your memory.
4. Recall it the next time you hear it.
5. Once you can recall the sound, you have given it meaning.

A wonderful way to speed up the adaptation process is to read out loud five times a day for at least three minutes at a time. This will train your brain to recognize the new speech sounds you are hearing. Because you will be seeing printed letters on a page, while saying a word, you will be developing a sound-symbol association. Once you can identify the new sounds in your speech, it is much easier to identify them in other peoples speech.

Even though you cant teach an old dog new tricks, the brain is willing and able to learn new information, regardless of age. Practice, patience, a positive attitude and access to critical speech sounds are the ingredients to success.

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