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What are the different hearing aid types available?

There are many different types of hearing aids available today and the various hearing aid types are dependent upon the type of style and technology chosen.

Hearing Aid Style

Depending on a person’s hearing loss and cosmetic desire, there is a style of hearing aid to meet most people’s needs from a custom completely-in-the-canal hearing aid to open-fit hearing aids. To see examples of hearing aid styles currently available and to learn more download a copy of Healthy Hearing‘s Free Guide to Hearing Aids.

Hearing Aid Technology

There are two levels of technology available in hearing aids: analog and digital; however, according to statistics from Hearing Industries Association, more than 90% of all hearing aids sold in the United States are digital. Hearing aid manufacturers are focusing the research and development on digital technology and most offer a full portfolio of digital hearing aids at all levels and price points.

Digital refers to the way the hearing aid processes incoming sound. A digial processor turns the incoming sound into a series of numbers, or digital code. This code can then be processed by hearing aids in very sophisticated ways – enabling advanced types of noise reduction, digital feedback cancellation (cancelling whistling that can sometimes occur), and other features that is not possible with analog devices.

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