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Purchasing Hearing Aids on the Internet

Thank you for the question. Hearing aids are custom fitted to the ear to account for ear canal size and shape, but are custom programmed for the persons hearing loss and lifestyle needs. After working with patients for 10 years fitting and adjusting hearing aids I have come to appreciate how individualized the process is. The feedback you are experiencing could be due to a number of factors.

  1. Fit - the hearing aid may not be the right size for your ear; too much sound is leaking out and causing the feedback. You may also be putting it in your ear improperly, resulting in a poor seal.
  2. Programming - the hearing aid may not be programmed properly for your hearing loss, resulting in too much volume in the hearing aid. This excess volume leaks out of the ear canal and causes feedback. Many modern hearing aids also have feedback suppression. This feature could also be set improperly, causing feedback.
  3. Device Failure - the hearing aid may have some internal damage, resulting in feedback.

All three of these factors can also interact to cause feedback problems. I would say that the real problem is that you did not get this device professionally fit and adjusted. When you seek the services of a qualified professional first, you would be able to avoid these problems, or at least get help with them. You will need to contact the internet company and see what help they have in place, or you can find a local audiologist who can help you. Your local audiologist will charge you for the office visit. I would recommend that you return the hearing aids and use the money to see a professional in your area. You will get a better device and better service.

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